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Name of Maker: Dianna Wentz
"Complex Music" - Made for my son's 30th birthday, who writes and plays quite complex music on a bass quitar during his spare time. This is my first quilt, and named by my husband.
Name of Maker: Angelines Artero
"Cruz Roja, el mayor poder del rojo"
Name of Maker: Patty Dunn
"Cure Bliss" - On my journey to wellness through the arts, I created a personal art quilt I call "Cure Bliss". It is a fabric collage of "breast flowers", celebrating one year as a breast cancer survivor!
Name of Maker: Amanda Jane Hussein
"Dashing Through the Snow" - My fourth quilting project and first applique work ever.
Name of Maker: Melissa Lamb
"Dear Jane's War-My Piece" - Quilt was pieced by hand, machine, applique, paper piecing. Quilt top was completed in 8 months.
Name of Maker: Lilian Myers
"Diary" of First Year Quilts - This quilt seemed a good way to document the fabric used in my first year quilts. Some of the wedges have different fabrics pieced within the wedges. This soon became old and tiresome, so I ended up using single pieces of fabric in the seemingly never-ending process. :):)
Name of Maker: Betty Ann Seeman
"Done With Mirrors" - I led a workshop for quilters who had attended Ricky's Seminar in Sarasota. I made this piece as a sample.
Name of Maker: Mickie Sharkey
"Double Wedding Ring" - I took a class at "The Quilted Apple" in Phoenix AZ from Laurene Siminea. She owned the Quilt Store. The pattern is by Mary Ellen Hopkins. Laurene has sinced passed away from cancer -- but her store is still open. (Unfortunately this quilt has two stains from the quilt rack I had it displayed on. I don't know if they will come out or not.)
Name of Maker: Dawn Kaniper
"Eileen's Cabin Quilt" - This quilt was made as a house-warming gift for a friends vacation home.
Name of Maker: Susan L. Jaenen-Griffin

"Erythema Migrans Rash" is one of fifty-two quilts in the series "52 Yarns of Lyme - The Lyme Dis-Ease Series" by Susan Jaenen-Griffin that includes traditional quilts, contemporary art quilts, 3d fiber pieces, abstract and mixed media pieces.  The series tells the 'yarns' or stories of my journey with Lyme disease and how engaging in fiber art assisted in my recovery.  The following is the artist statement for the quilt: 

Fabrics are used in this quilt to express the rage of the EM rash which is only the beginning of worse things to come.  Medical journals report that the presence of an Erythema Migrans Rash is “sufficient to make the diagnosis of Lyme” however; it is the controversy around the treatment and the bigger issue of the long term consequences of Lyme that is the real storm.

Name of Maker: Ruth Ann Hawley
"Ethel Reni Rileyo" - This is my mom as a baby. She is now 92 years old. I printed the picture using my ink jet printer on muslin treated with Bubble Jet Set 2000. It printed on 4 sheets. I pieced the picture then added the borders. I machine quilted around the picture and borders and then hand quilted around her body and the chair. My grandpa called my mother by his pet name Ethel Reni Rileyo. Her name is Ethel Irene Riley Hendges.
Name of Maker: NA

This is my wall hanging from Carolyn Hughey's "Esther the Easter Chicken" pattern.  I made a wall hanging instead of a table runner.  I named my small quilt "Ethel" because she is so surprised that she laid Easter Eggs.  She makes me laugh and feel happy.

Name of Maker: fran snay
"Eye" am Ameba - I enjoyed so much designing this quilt. The fabrics were perfect and the colors vibrant and wonderful. Sue done a fantastic job with the quilting.
Name of Maker: Patty Woodhurst
"Faithful Companion" A Tribute to Moon - I wanted to make a quilt for my dog Moon. I found this great fabric in Virginia Beach. It's a great pattern, easy to make and lots of fun!

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