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1000 Cranes
Name of Maker: Florence Barnick and others
1000 Cranes - I made this quilt for my Mom the year she was undergoing treatment for Leukemia. With the help of about 30 (?) volunteers from the internet, we made 180 paper-pieced cranes. Using a backing fabric with origami crane images, and outline quilting all of the cranes on the front, there are over 1000. The legend of the 1000 paper cranes dates back to a young girl exposed to radiation after the nuclear bombing of Japan in WWII, and she came down w/ Leukemia, so I thought it was right for my mom. All of the prayers that went into the piecing worked, she is in full remission.
Name of Maker: Anabeth Dollins

Half-size 2010 BOM

Name of Maker: Ellen Palmer

 A 10th wedding anniversary quilt for my son and his wife, finished in 2015, and which has 480 three and a half inch appliqued blocks, each different, 60 appliqued side triangles, and 56 appliqued border blocks.  The cornerstones are half inch and the inner border is made from 3/4 inch squares.  The quilt took about 9 1/2 months from start to finish, working almost every day. It's 100X110 inches and fits their queen size bed just great.  It weighed 11 pounds when it was done. :)

 The patterns came from many many sources ( ever try to find more than 500 applique patterns that can be sewn in 3 1/2 inch blocks?!)  but I did use many from the book "Dutch Treat"  by Judy Garden.  The 'house' border was adapted from a pattern by Bunny Hill Designs' "YoYoville" quilt pattern. Their border pattern only used three different house designs...and since I didn't want any block repeated I came up with the rest from other sources, or drew them myself, Their pattern used yoyos but I made just plain fabric circles and was pleased with the result. 

The quilt is machine appliqued, with each applique being satin stitched, and home machine quilted. Hidden throughout  in the quilting are words and names, etc, that have meaning to the anniversary couple.  They will be finding them for years to come!  

Name of Maker: Debra Huewe

My first block of the month using embroidery and raw edge (boiled) wool.  This was my first quilt ever! and so far the only one that I've made myself.

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