Quilt Gallery  (21,079 Quilts)

Name of Maker: Milli Greenhalgh
Zinnias - Zinnias are bold and bright. It was in the Chelmsford Quilters Guild show last year. I am next to it!
Zion Rocks
Name of Maker: Joan Jamieson
Zion Rocks - Made based on photograph taken in Zion National Park
Name of Maker: Sengler
Ziz Zag pizzazz
Name of Maker: Barb
Ziz Zag pizzazz - A sexond quilt made fron the hsts fron the SoTTT exchange
Zoee Girl
Name of Maker: Dogquilter
Zoee Girl - This quilt was made for Brenda's 50th birthday. I took a picture of her dog Zoee and transformed her into a beautiful quilt.
Zoo Babies
Name of Maker: QuiltInPiece
Zoo Babies
Zoo rag quilt
Name of Maker: Angela Spalsbury
Zoo rag quilt
~Night & Day~
Name of Maker: KCs Art Studio13
~Night & Day~ - ~From Dark To Light~ A Raven Changes from ~Night to Day~ All Hand-Dyed Fabrics From KCs Art Studio13 ~Reversible Quilt~~My Multi-Colored Fibers and Fabrics Sold on Ebay ~KCs Art Studio13~FUN FABRICS~Thank You.
“Amy & Sara’s Mondegreen”
Name of Maker: Jennilyn
“Amy & Sara’s Mondegreen” - “…cherish virtue…” My sister-in-laws grew up convinced that meant, “Cherries HURT YOU!” and would not eat cherries. A misheard lyric is a Mondegreen. Origins: For many years she had misunderstood the last line of the Scottish folk ballad "The Bonny Earl of Murray," which reads: And they laid him on the Green. Ms. Sylvia Wright misheard as: And Lady Mondegreen.
“Background Check”
Name of Maker: Jennilyn
“Background Check” - I haven’t done a self-portrait in years, waiting for the exercised and skinny ME to come out of hiding. I stopped waiting, had my husband trace my body as is, and then I painted in the face, and wrote a beginning of an autobiography in the background.
“Converging With Curves”
Name of Maker: Jennilyn
“Converging With Curves” - Ricky Tims workshop started this piece. I added a curved convergence attic-window-style to make it bigger. I think a great quilt always has a bit of orange in it somewhere!
“Not ready for heaven…yet!”
Name of Maker: Sylvie Mathis
“Not ready for heaven…yet!” - “Not ready for heaven…yet!” was hand pieced and quilted by machine. Following my tradition of trying something new with each quilt, this quilt is no exception; it was my first attempt of machine quilting with designs [Ruban of Life & Christian Fish quilted patterns]. Each fabric is part of earlier collections created especially for “Quest for a Cure” by www.Northcott.net. The collection “Even Can Wait” [backing] and “Rose Garden Tea” [checker] by Ro Gregg of Northcott were my focus fabrics. The block pattern is from the “Starts of my heart” quilt designed by Nancy Mahoney (Fons & Porters’, Love of Quilting, Jan/Feb 2009). For my friend Barbara, for her 1st Survival Birthday.

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