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Name of Maker: Louanne Graeber
"Bali Rays" - This was a BOM from my local quilt store. I, however, added the borders to make the quilt fit our king sized bed.
Name of Maker: Sande LaFaut
"Becoming" - The theme of this quilt is from the Bible verse, "We know not what we shall become, but we know we shall be changed." The photos are my own zoo photos printed at home onto commercially prepared cotton sheets. Quilting is done with metallic threads and 30 wt. rayon. It is approx. 40" x 40". It also has sheer overlays behind the photos in the center section. This quilt won Judge's Choice at a local show.
Name of Maker: Marie Brooks
"Before Katrina" - Made from photos I made of Pascagoula, Ms. 1 month to the day before Hurricane Katrina with the intent of "one day" turning them into a pictorial quilt. Some of the places no longer exisst. It was a strange and eerie feeling working on this after seeing first hand all of the devestation. I have been asked to make a second edition of this quilt.
Name of Maker: Louanne Graeber
"Belhaven College" - Courtney wanted a quilt that represented her college. She is a senior. We could not find anything for her, so we adapted the college logo and colors to design her a quilt original.
Name of Maker: Damaris Estrada
"BEST FRIENDS" - To Emily With Love - My 8 year old daughter requested that I design a quilt for her "Best Friend Emily". Emily is a BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING 8 year old girl who is in a wheelchair. To learn more please visit my website and then share it with a friend: www.endeavorsoftheheart.com
Name of Maker: Louanne Graeber
"Biblical Blocks" - This quilt was made using the above book as a guideline, however I used some block patterns from other sources to represent scriptures chosen by the owners. A framed 'legend' was also made to go along with the quilt so the owners could remember which block represented which scripture, at the request of the owner.
Name of Maker: Anne Mette Hansen
"Blue Jeans" - This is a simple quilt with a story. I made the quilt for my son when he was 9 years old. It is made of patches cut from all his worn out denim jeans. It only took me about 2 years to get enough patches. My son was the kind of boy who wore out his jeans very fast. Sometimes he could actually leave for school in the morning wearing brand new jeans, only to return in the afternoon with holes on at least the one knee. I had to buy the denim for the sashing and borders.
Name of Maker: Elizabeth Janzen
"Boar"d Meeting - This quilt is inspired by the tradtional whole cloth quilts of the South of France. Motifs and symbols provide the design parameters for the whole cloth quilts of Southern France. The central motif is a "sanglier" (wild boar) requested by the owners, with fleur de lis, acanthus leaves, ghekos, cigales, etc., scrolling their way around the quilt.
Name of Maker: Patti Hempen
"Bouquet for Mr. Tims!" - This is dedicated to my friend, Ricky Tims who without a whisper of a word, inspired me to create something I never thought I could. The quilt was just juried into the 2010 AQS Pacucah Show. Wow! I couldn't be more thrilled.
Name of Maker: Roberta Williams
"But Can He Sing?" - I love birds!The outside border is a collection of birds from S. Africa & N. America, hand appliqued. The feathers are free motioned embroidered and then appliqued, by machine, to the quilt.
Name of Maker: Marian Mccoin
"But is it Kool" - This Quilt was made as a submission to Ricky's Kool Kaleidoscope book. I had a wonderful time making it and learned alot along the way. It was very exciting to learn that it would be included in the book. Thanks Ricky for the incredible oportunity and great technique.
Name of Maker: Lori Sheirer
"Catty" - My first quilt. I'm embarrassed to show it here, but this is the quilt that started my love of quilting. :) I've learned a lot since this quilt.
Name of Maker: Cindy Carlson
"Chocolat" for Cindy - Pattern created for Moda's Chocolat Fabrics
Name of Maker: Mickie Sharkey
"Christmas Star" - I made this quilt for myself for Christmas in 1993. I also made a table runner to match it. I display both of them each Christmas. I made a second quilt and table runner, which I gave to auction off for the Women of Faith ministry here. This is one of my favorite quilts.
Name of Maker: bonnieb
"Christmas Weave" - It looked like it would be fun to make and ...it was!
Name of Maker: Lashonne Abel
"Classic Hearts and Feathers" - This is an original hand drawn design by me, a whole cloth quilt, quilted with silk thread and wool batting, on my domestic sewing machine. Photos by Gregory Case Photography.
Name of Maker: Linda Shields
"Closed Windows" - My father stares through closed windows. Alzheimer's has made his memories take flight. It is a disease of brain plaques and tangles, represented in this quilt's dark, ragged fabrics.

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