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Name of Maker: Louanne Graeber
"My First Quilt" - Years ago I swore I would never get involved with quilting...just seemed like too much work with all the piecing and all. Well, this was a class I started with my sister-in-law and I truly fell in love with quilting. Even did a little embellishing as well.
Name of Maker: Janice Erickson
"My Friend Anna" - My friend Anna died of cancer this year. She was a good friend and a talented quilter. I had taken this picture of her several years ago, so I decided to make a fabric portrait from it. I pixelated the photo.....printed it out on fabric numerous times....cut it all apart and layered it back together by colors and shades. Then I thread painted it all, matching the threads to the shades. Some parts of the portrait are four layers deep.
Name of Maker: makesgeese
"My Geese Flew Around Provence" - Wanting to make a quilt that would be a challenge, I made this one using my collection of French Provence fabrics. It was challenge...and I am happy I made it.
Name of Maker: Candy Beardsley
"My Heart's at Sea" - I have wanted to make a Storm at Sea quilt for over 15 years and FINALLY took a class. As much as I enjoy nearly every aspect of quilting, this one was (and IS) very special to my heart. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE SPENT ON IT!! "THIS" one is my "Passion Quilt"!!
Name of Maker: Mickie Sharkey
"My Heirloom Sampler" - My first quilt -- cut with scissors, hand-pieced, hand-quilted. Done in same colors, just like pattern. Will be handed down as an heirloom. 20 traditional blocks.
Name of Maker: Laurie Britt
"My Life" - I used purple flowers from the Vintage Violets fabric collection for this quilt that depicts my life. Yellow Brick Road represents the road I have travelled thus far. The purple colors represent the passion for life. The flowers represent the notion of taking time to smell flowers. I did loopy free-motion quilting and that represents the ups-and-downs of my life, mostly of my last few years in which I have had to deal with colon cancer and a recurrence in my lung. This is my favorite quilt that I have made because it represents "my life".
Name of Maker: Marilyn Maddalena Withrow
"My Life.........So Far" - Made as a Christmas gift for my son, Randy Bowlsby, as a memory quilt -- it contains embellishments representing his marriage, his sons, his graduation from college, his music experiences, paths around Trinity County, CA, where he learned to ride his motorcycle -- and motorcycle embellishments. It also contains Eagle Scout memorabilia, my mother's pins from his Scouting years, and football embellishments from when he played high school football. He now is a Harley owner and rides around central California, sometimes with the Patriot Riders who accompany the families to the funerals of our fallen soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Name of Maker: Banakina
"Nostalgia" - 1 place in the competition Evroquilt, the magazine "Wonderful Moments" in 2009
Name of Maker: Linda Nelson
"NOT" so Traditional - Most of these blocks are traditonal Baltimore Album blocks but I have no idea where the patterns came from. I took a class while living in Saudi Arabia and was provided with the block patterns. I think I started in 1993 and finally finished in 2006!
Name of Maker: Janet Knapp
"One Stitch At A Time" - Using two strands of floss, back stitching "one stitch at a time," provided me with many happy hours of stitching. After finishing the blocks I found a setting I liked in Sharon Craig's book "Ultimate Half Log Cabin" ...and did many hours of piecing using red and cream fabrics.
Name of Maker: Dorothy J. Cochran
"One Web or Another" - "A Page From My Journal - 2007. The webs represent the recent things that have tried to keep me from being creative. I am headed toward the open door. It is currently on display at IQF in Houston.
Name of Maker: AuntSewsie
"Panic" - I named this quilt "Panic" because I had several mishaps along the way -- a great learning experience. I loved making this quilt so much and then had some fabulous quilting done on it by a long-arm quilter that I wasn't going to give up. I'm glad I didn't.
Name of Maker: Maureen H Capps
"Patrick's Blankie" - Rag Quilt

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