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Shabby Blooms
Name of Maker: me
Shabby Blooms - I used Grandmother's Choice block when designing this quilt, as my Nana loved pretty pastels and flowers. I know she would have loved this one.
Pine Garland_Tree
Name of Maker: WaYnE Virts
Pine Garland_Tree
Vanity Fair
Name of Maker: Charlene Gilmore
Aurora Borealis
Name of Maker: Alicia Green
Aurora Borealis - This was my submission to the Quick Curves Challenge. I was a finalist and I was pretty excited.
Name of Maker: Patti Hempen
"Stars Over The Tropics" (Judge's Choice 2006) - Kaleidoscopic stars shine over a secondary pattern of crosses, each embellished with a gold satin-stitched broderie perse applique flower.
Friends Quilt
Name of Maker: QuilteeLady
Friends Quilt - My friend Diane and I each made a "Friends Quilt" from sampler blocks and a purchased panel. The sampler blocks were chosen to reflect our friendship.
It's A NEW Day!
Name of Maker: Debra Gabel
It's A NEW Day! - This quilt was commissioned by a private individual and will be in DC for the 2009 Obama Inauguration. It will also be published in a book from that same show and possible travel in an Obama Quilt show.
St Francis
Name of Maker: Debra Gabel
St Francis - This quilt was a chance for me to learn about St Francis. He was an amazing fellow. What you cannot see in the picture is the glitter and gloss applied. It took the better part of a year to complete. My favorite part is the tame coyote!
Auqua Aurora
Name of Maker: Debra Gabel
Auqua Aurora - This quilt is a visual representation of my reawakening after a bone marrow transplant in 2004 and recovering from Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
Name of Maker: Hilary Gooding
Semillon - Celebrating a holiday in the Dordogne, France, land of sunflowers, walnuts, foie gras and wonderful red wine. The quilting represents the rain showers and the sun shine.
Irises for Ruth
Name of Maker: Hilary Gooding
Irises for Ruth - Made because I love irises. Paper pieced pattern and curved piecing patterns added to leaves and border of my own design.
Mallory's Ice Cream Cone Quilt
Name of Maker: NancyinSTL
Mallory's Ice Cream Cone Quilt - Handquilted and Embroidered "Mallory Meeks Ice Cream Parlor" with cherries at top. Green fabric in lattice is also used for backing and pink flowers are quilted from the back in the borders.
Cody's Shoo Fly Quilt
Name of Maker: NancyinSTL
Cody's Shoo Fly Quilt - I modified the Shoo Fly blocks down the center of the quilt to spell out the letters of my godson's name C-O-D-Y. I incorporate the child's name in every quilt that I make. Native American motifs are quilted in the cornerstones, arrows in the borders and targets in the blocks.
Isaiah's Quilt
Name of Maker: NancyinSTL
Isaiah's Quilt - Center is a quilt panel, extreme borders are cheater's cloth, backing fabric is a colorful sea life print. ISAIAH PRINCE is quilted in top border and HAMILTON in bottom border.

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