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Name of Maker: Nancy McClelland

     I am a traditional quilter, but for this challenge I tried something new.  My teammate and I live in very different climates.  Here in northwestern Pennsylvania, we have a true four seasons as compared to Australia’s two: hot summers and cooler winters.  I attempted a landscape quilt that showed some local sights in all of the four seasons. Out of a window frame, spring, summer, fall and winter are crafted out of fabric.  My teammate Caroline and I decided to make our own designs, so our quilts will be a total surprise for each of us. We have communicated through many e-mails, getting to know each other’s quilting experiences, climate, geographical locations, family, traditions, etc. In many ways we are very different, but quilting is one of our common threads.  We have talked about meeting someday. I am not much of a traveler so, I think that will mean Caroline will visit me on one of her trips to the states.   . smiley  I am sure the IMQE challenge has sparked many long-lasting friendships and has made quilters from around the world seem like close neighbors.  It has been a wonderful experience and I am anxious to see all the creative mini quilts that have been entered.

Techniques used: Free-motion quilting on a domestic machine.  I also used raw edge applique, hand-sewn beads and buttons with some crystal embellishments. Clip art objects and birds for each season that were printed on fabric and fused.

Name of Maker: Suzanne Chickite
IMQE bio --Mini Quilt "DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT" by Suzanne Chickite 
My name is Suzanne Chickite (Meegwat) and my partner was from Texas. We were team #197. I am from a first nation Indian reservation in Cape Mudge on Quadra Island British Columbia Canada. Tammy is from Texas. We decided to incorporate something from our local culture. My mini quilt is a play on our local culture here. This is my first mini art quilt I've done. Our Summer Challenge from my local Quilters Guild gave me part of the  idea. Mixed media is the theme here. Traditional quilting, applique, embroidery, crystals and buttons. The first nations people here use button blankets in their dancing ceremonies. You can look online about the beautiful button blankets the northwest coast first nations people make. This mini quilt is a play on that. The moon design in the center was drawn by a first nation artist and relative Max Chickite. I digitized the design. I didn't connect too much with Tammi as she was busy in a big move and internet problems. But she did invite me into her busy life somewhat and I did learn a bit about what it is like in Texas. 
Name of Maker: Lynda Hutchison

This mini is a modern interpretation of a tic tac toe game and a comment on our complicated digital world.

Name of Maker: Geneva Carroll

This take on a Jean Wells technique was made for my new friend Maria Rosaria Roseo for the IMQE 2017 swap.

Name of Maker: S. Gabriel

Be part of an exhibition an meet somebody with the hobby patchwork. That was my goal! My partner and I quickly realized that we have a lot in common. After sharing pictures of our patchwork quilts we agreed to buy the same fat quarter package with beautiful batik fabric in the colors we love with the possibility to use more fabric. We also decided not to specify any design or block pattern.

But our friendship couldn't have been better! We participate in the life of the new friend and write what we are doing, send pictures and postcards. An absolutely great unique friendship!

Design: In the time of getting to know each other I wrote a poem "What I would like to do with you". The lines of the poem are framed by different block designs. "I wanna send you some stars" - the friendship star (six inch finished size) sewed from a picture from Judy Martin. "Sitting in a sea of roses" - that's what the big flower bowl stands for. Flowers cut out of the fabric flower print. Trapunto behind the big pink flower in the bowl and the pink dotted heart. So that the text of the poem merges with the background, I decided for a light background with additional fabrics for a scappy look.

Batting: Thermolam

Quilting: Stitch in the ditch or nearby the ditch with color matching yarn, free-motion around the flowers.

Name of Maker: Anne Underhill

IMQE 2017 Team 189.

Made for a stranger who is now a friend. We are 5000 miles apart with very different lives but a common love of quilting. I very much enjoyed the IMQE experience. Thank you Quilt Show.

Name of Maker: Sandy Wright

I made this quilt for my IMQE partner because the bee eater is found in the Black Forest of Germany where she is from.  The beautiful and colorful bee eater reflects Inna’s passion for quilting and the beauty of her work.. 

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