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Made in America
Name of Maker: NA
Made in America - This eagle was started in a Charlotte Warr Andersen class at Asilomar. Rather than a face of a person, I went for the eagle. Some have asked for a pattern, and believe me, they don't want it!


Name of Maker: Alex
Mud - I love Polly C Boyden's poem about Mud. "No one but the yellow rose knows how good mud feels between the toes". Perfect inspiration for a yellow rose of sharon quilt.
Name of Maker: Alex
Kaleidoscope - A combinatin of Kaffe's fabric and being "forced" to write this book, resulted in one of my favorite quilts. Never say never, when it comes to a new quilting process.
scrappy nine patch
Name of Maker: alex
scrappy nine patch - Celebrating the love of my fabric collection. Also, recognizing that red is a neutral - thank you Freddy for that mantra.
Joey's Quilt
Name of Maker: joey and his mon
Joey's Quilt - Joey started this for his Dad when he was almost 4 years old. Joey drew all of the important things of his life.Better than the quilt, he kept the secret from his Dad.
Adairs Quilt
Name of Maker: Alex Anderson
Adairs Quilt - Sandy Boinsib copied my daughters life images for me. This quilt was pieced in 3 days, then quilted at rapid speed for Adairs high school graduatiom. From her birth tothe days before she graduated, this quilt tells her story.
Simple Gifts
Name of Maker: Ricky Tims
Simple Gifts - Simple Gifts was my first quilt that got international recgonition. It was selected by June Culvey as her choice for the 101st Best Quilt of the Twentieth Century.
Songe d'Automne
Name of Maker: Ricky Tims
Songe d'Automne - This quilt won the Machine Quilting Excellence award at the 2000 International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. The fabrics are all original hand-dyed fabrics.
Bohemian Rhapsody
Name of Maker: Ricky Tims
Bohemian Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my personal favorite quilts. It has won several awards. I'm working on a book now about Rhapsody Quilts so you can make one too!
Fire Dragon Rhapsody
Name of Maker: Ricky Tims
Fire Dragon Rhapsody - This quilt won the Best Machine Quilting Award at the 2006 AQS show and contest in Paducah, KY. The dragons are based on iron grillwork from the old post office in downtown Pueblo, CO.
Glen Eyrie Castle
Name of Maker: Ricky Tims
Glen Eyrie Castle - I've enjoyed presenting several week-long quilting retreats at the Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs, CO. This work was commissioned by one of my students.
South Cheyenne Canyon
Name of Maker: Ricky Tims
South Cheyenne Canyon - I say adapted, because it was it was created from a photograph taken by Justin Shults of the South Cheyenne Canoy at Seven Falls, Colorado. It was made for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum auction.
Star Gazing Down Under
Name of Maker: Stephanie McCormick
Star Gazing Down Under - Photo quilt using pictures from trip to Australia, fabric from Australia and New Zealand. It won 1st place in the Martingale Memory Quilt contest in 1999, hung in Houston.
Live, Love, Laugh
Name of Maker: Stephanie McCormick
Live, Love, Laugh - 3 panels, each 14x46 using batiks on black depicting my life - youth, marriage and current.
Eric's Autumn Splendor
Name of Maker: Diane B. Campbell
Eric's Autumn Splendor - One of my first attempts at quilting. It was made for a birthday gift and given to my son Eric. Eric is a licensed certified arborist with the ISA - owns his Tree Care business in Albuquerque, NM
Three Hearts table runner
Name of Maker: Diane B Campbell
Three Hearts table runner - Made using the stack and wack technique and mirror imaging the hearts. created 3 hearts blocks and added border.
Lime Squeeze
Name of Maker: Sherry Rogers-Harrison
Lime Squeeze - Original pattern by Ronda Kae Beyer and Jill Kroll (It Isnt Easy Being Green) I designed the quilting elements as I progressed throughout the quilt starting with the feathered border which was done freehand. The background of the star blocks was chosen to give texture and not take away from the piecing. The feathered star is the focus of this quilt so I chose to use a commercially available stencil in the background enhanced by a feathered wreath. The designs within the star were custom designed to fill the space.
Breath of Spring
Name of Maker: Bonnie Barber
Breath of Spring - I took a class in this new design at The Quilters Inn in Danville, CA. I quickly completed this enjoyable project.
farmland 2
Name of Maker: Beth Howard
farmland 2 - This is another art quilt, design based on the wheat field looking out my parents' front door. This was machine pieced and free-motion quilted on my Bernina.
Name of Maker: Beth Howard
Primavera - This is an art quilt which I put on canvas stretchers after it was complete. It included images I manipulated on the computer and then printed on to cotton. The background is also hand-dyed and painted by me. I used a blanket stitch to applique the images onto the background.