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Name of Maker: Lettie Bowman and Sheri Nemerson

Mary Kerr's show inspired me to post the bags I made from The Cousin's Collection.  I had16 blocks that I inherited from my grandmother and 16 female cousins.  I had a "The Cousin's Collection" rubber stamp made and used it to mark the muslin lining.  I covered the " not always great" workmanship with yoyo's and thought of the stains as a dexign element.  The blocks are all pockets that are quilted with decorative stitches. Each bag is different and they are embellished with yoyo's, buttons, chenille, machine and hand applique, and embroidery.  Most of the fabrics came from my stach, so it was a great project to use up left over fabric.  I have kept those blocks for 40 years and am delighted to have them out the door!

Name of Maker: NancyinSTL

Made for a cheerleader graduating from high school.  This was my first T-shirt quilt, which includes a cheerleader uniform (partially set-in), sweatshirts, detachable hair bows (pinned on using eyelets) and tees.  I used woven fusible interfacing and cotton pieced quilt blocks as fillers.  Each block was custom quilted on my domestic sewing machine.  Backing fabric by Tula Pink.

Name of Maker: Annedore Neumann

Tomorrow, this year's "Tour de France" will run through my hometown and whizz past the corner of  my street. That's the reason why my "Reverse of the Medal" welcomes the peloton in the local pharmacy.
As a sports addict, I was disillusioned and upset by last years’ doping affairs and the tearful confessions of some convicted racing cyclists.
NADA and WADA information disclosed the apparently common abuse of “supportive substances”, even in unexpected disciplines.
These athletes defraud their competitors and us, the fans, but also put their health and life at risk – to gain medals, break records, keep crowd and sponsors satisfied : “To win silver is to lose gold !”

Expecting to add an update some day soon, I finished the right edge with a divisible zipper. On the back, I printed tattoo bicycle gears.

The quilt was on display in shows in England, Japan and the States.


Name of Maker: Ellen Eastman

Wall quilt from a Linda Ballard class.

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