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Wonky Nine Patch
Name of Maker: emzquiltz
Wonky Nine Patch - My version of this mystery, with some changes in order to change the final size
Wonky Me
Name of Maker: BonnieB2
Wonky Me - I discovered the fun and creative designs of MamaCJT quite by accident and wanted to attempt her wonky style of portraiture.
Wonky Log Cabins
Name of Maker: Leslie Sorenson
Wonky Log Cabins - This quilt, made in a class by Amy Stewart Winsor, was my first attempt at an art quilt. It sat around forever waiting for me to get up the courage to embellish it. Once I got started, it was great fun.
Wonky in Love
Name of Maker: Joan Foster
Wonky in Love - I finished this one finally! I had a quilt speaker stay with me, and drove her back and forth to her sessions on wonky log cabins. The session was full, so I stayed long enough to get the coffee and cookies out, and tried to glean as much as I could from her introduction. Unfortunately, I missed the part about how to make the blocks fit together. When another speaker came to stay and based a lot of her presentation on curves, I knew how I could finish this one. What a lot of fun I had, and I'm going to keep on being wonky and curvy in my quilts. Maybe it reflects me, too!
Wonky Buggies
Name of Maker: Marna Lister
Wonky Buggies - I was inspired by the fabric "Doodle Bugs" by __________. The centers of the wonky log cabins are fussy cut fanciful lady bugs, caterpillars, dragon flies, butterflies, etc. The cabins are brights and lights and purposefully pieced out of square. The border is strip pieced. This was a fun one to make.
Wonky Baby Quilt
Name of Maker: Just A Southern Girl
Wonky Baby Quilt - As a member of Project Improv, I wanted to make a quilt "off the cuff" with no measuring or planning. It seems I succeeded in created some fun wonky blocks which made a nice baby quilt for a little girl born in April 2009. I used a lot of different prints in bright, cheery colors along with plenty of white. The back is pink flannel with stars and a panel of appliqued flowers.
Wonky 9's
Name of Maker: Cass Mullane
Wonky 9's - "Wonky 9s" is a study in transparency... side to side, up and down. I decided to use the nine patch idea because it lent itself to wonkiness!
Name of Maker: Nancy Myers
Wonky - I began this quilt with scraps. The border diamonds were a challenge. I finally had it quilted in 2013.
Wonka's Chocolate Chess
Name of Maker: Nicky Burch
Wonka's Chocolate Chess
Wong's 50th Anniversary
Name of Maker: AbeClochie
Wong's 50th Anniversary - I designed this quilt using EQ5 software, Digital Scrapbooking Software, Photoshop Elements 5 for photo editing, Embird Embroidery software for the embroidery work, Kaleidoscope Kreater 2.0 software for backgrounds to some of the photos.
Wonders of Stack & Whack
Name of Maker: Salliejean Huber
Wonders of Stack & Whack - Started in 2003 for dd/dsil's 1st Wedding Anniversary. Dsil died suddenly 3 mo. after wedding so put it away until dd asked where it was. Finished in 2007.
Wonderful Wonders
Name of Maker: Tara Hilde
Wonderful Wonders - I took the State Blocks and flowers and placed them in EQ6 to resized them. I made this wall hanging for an "All About Me" challange quilt for our guild.
Wonderful Water World
Name of Maker: Kathy Hendry
Wonderful Water World - Lots of fun to make. Plan to do another.
Wonderful Garden
Name of Maker: group quilt, assembled and finished by Liz Tarr
Wonderful Garden - A group of quilters from Ladies of the Lake quilt guild made the blocks in the center section of the quilt for me from my some of my hand dyed fabric and commercial fabrics. I put them all together and added 2 side panels with thread flowers, felt beads and couched yarns and quilted it.
Wonderful 1-fabric quilt
Name of Maker: Shelley Rodgers
Wonderful 1-fabric quilt - The premise of the technique is rather like a Stack-n-Whack but with squares, rather than triangles. Using a fabric with lengthwise stripes, you cut the stripes in squares, based on the width of the stripe repeat. The squares are then cut twice diagonally and the resultant triangles are recombined into the Wonderful 1-Fabric Quilt. Read more at http://users.value.net/pirate/quilting/2009-03-Wonderful-1-Fabric-for-RJR/index.htm
Wonder Women or The W Quilt
Name of Maker: Terry Lieberman
Wonder Women or The W Quilt - This quilt is the first quilt I ever finished for myself. It is special because the class brought together 5 people who had so much fun together that we became great friends and Wonder Women. This quilt will always make me smile and think of the Wonderful relationships it gave me. It is the first time I worked with Asian print fabric and I have a new appreciation for pinning!
Wonder Why
Name of Maker: Joesgal
Wonder Why - This is what I made from reading Maxine Rosenthal's "One Block Wonder."
Women's Voices
Name of Maker: Barbara Epperson
Women's Voices - Block of the Month purchased through Keepsake Quilting

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