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Name of Maker: judyc

      I found these little animals beautifuly odd . After researching tamarins, I learned that they live in South America and are becoming rare. This quilt is my atattempt to "capture" one. It was made for donation to Southwest Solutions to be auctioned.      

Hexie Jellyfish Quilt top
Name of Maker: Gail Lizette Weiss

The Jellyfish Hexie Quilt

Completed in 2015. 100% Hand-Stitched: piecing, quilting, and binding.
2522 total pieces.

Original design and stitching by Gail Lizette Weiss.

Name of Maker: Dianne H. Morgan

This is a portrait quilt of my grandson when he was 18 months old.  He was looking out the storm door window in my computer room when I took the picture.  After cropping the picture, I tried to replicate the photo except for the view through the window.  For that view I tried to create a symbolic view of all the possibilities of the future ahead of him.  I was given the courage to try this quilt after taking the online class from Lea McComas on portrait quilts that was available on the TQS website.

Name of Maker: Betty Jo Tatum

This quilt is inspired by a wonderful painting by Joel Christopher Payne, a Disney artist, from whom I bought the rights for making one show quilt.  I loved his painting, but it was darker and did not have much of the Spanish Moss.  So it is not a copy of his painting, but an inspiration from it.  I had made a collection of wood print commercial fabrics over the years and used every one of them in the making of this quilt.  The cabin and the houseboat are made by cutting "planks" of wood and "building these two homes with stitched, raw-edge applique.  The big trees are made by using a variety of wood-bark fabrics and are turned-edge machine stitched appliques.  The limbs of the trees and the weeds and bushes in the water are free-motion couched on wool yarn of various colors. I then free-motion embroidered the Spanish moss using Aurifil's 12 weight wool thread.  I had to make small straight marks to keep the direction of the moss hanging properly.  The fireflies are made with a back drop of Neon Nights UV Fabric black light paint and topped with tiny hot fix tangerine and yellow crystals.  The reflective water is made with raw edged applique that has been overpainted to blend into the water background, and top painted to highlight the ripply look.  This was great fun to make and I expect to make more landscape quilts using some of the same techniques.

Name of Maker: Becky Anderson

This quilt was made for a quilt challenge at our Log Cabin Quilters Guild of Wisconsin. Our task? Use your personal initials to create a quilt. 

The first initial was for the block itself. In my case, my first initial was "B" and I chose a version of the "Broken Dishes" quilt block, using four of those completed blocks. Hence the "Dinner For Four" title.

For the second initial "C", you had to choose a color by that name. After a Google search I found chartreuse, cherry red, and cyan. So I went to my stash to see what fabrics I might have available with those colors. I'm pretty traditional and the colors that came together were totally out of my comfort range, but the pattern lends itself to just this kind of creativity so I forged ahead.

The final letter "A" was for a technique you used on the quilt. Conveniently, I love to applique and added it to my finished piece.

It was exciting to not be tied to a pattern or color scheme! I also did some experimenting, furthering my free motion quilting experience. It was a wonderfully rewarding challenge and I love the final result. Now where am I going to hang it?

Name of Maker: Vicki Conley

Forest fires in 2011 and 2012 threatened my home and wreaked havoc on my mountain town of Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico. Through the smoke and haze we watched helplessly, unable to do more than document the devastation from our back porch as the fires moved down the valley. Finally, after two weeks of much needed rain in the summer of 2013, green shoots of grass and undergrowth sprouted through the ash amid the charred remains of our precious trees. When this new growth blossomed into brilliant yellow wild flowers carpeting the whole burned mountainside, I was suffused with hope for the future of our home and community. To reflect the transition from devastation to new life I generated a silk screen from one of my photographs and printed it on pieced backgrounds reflecting the stages of renewal in my surroundings.

Name of Maker: marianne hovad

Own design, quilt is 205 x 205 cms, all applique is turned edge some needle turned and other parts top stitched 

Name of Maker: Katie Gomez

Paducah came about because of a stash of Cherrywood fabrics purchased in Paducah. My Guild had a challenge to do something with the Ohio Star block. I chose to make the block a diamond based on a show of Cheryl Malkowski quilts. The diamonds are paper pieced and then appliqued to the pieced background. I love circles and needed to add some of these using the Karen Kay Buckley perfect circles templates. I feel this quilt is a modern success and it also got a first place ribbon in its caategory at our show the end of June 2018.

Name of Maker: judyc

  In a world of uncertainty: I hoped to express my feelings with a bit of humor. Photo copied on ExtravaOrganza  fused to white cotton background and thread sketched.

Name of Maker: Seryl Colle

If you scan this quilt with a QR code reader on your smart phone, you will be taken to my blog, Riverwoods Ramblings.  It is made up of 1089 2-inch squares.  It is machine pieced and macheine quilted in the ditch.

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