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'O Happy Day
Name of Maker: Mindy Marik
'O Happy Day - This quilt started from an antique crazy quilt block challenge.
'Til my . . arts Content
Name of Maker: generik4u
'Til my . . arts Content
'Tis the Season
Name of Maker: Kay Mackenzie
'Tis the Season - These are some of the designs from my book A Merry Little Christmas to Appliqué. Just put 'em all together and you've got a festive little quilt to hang on the wall during the holidays!
'To Have and To Hold'
Name of Maker: Smittyd
'To Have and To Hold' - I made this as a wedding present. It's simplistic, but full of love.
(And the scrap basket is still full)
Name of Maker: RobertainD
(And the scrap basket is still full) - Big thanks to Alex for the idea! Wish I could remember what date hers appeared in the blog. It was a great way to use up some scraps and also some orphan star blocks!
(Back) of Spirit of the Northwoods
Name of Maker: Heidi Porter
(Back) of Spirit of the Northwoods - i thought the block Arrowhead would make a nice backing in keeping with the Northwood design on the front.
(no name)
Name of Maker: Wend Mathson
(no name) - A commission quilt I designed to incorporate sepia-tone portraits of the owner's children. She requested an African color scheme.
(Something) In the Sky With Diamonds
Name of Maker: Jan Billings
(Something) In the Sky With Diamonds - Made for my brother who admired my hollow cube sampler. It hasn't been gifted to him yet (Christmas 2010) - considering appliqueing some circles in the blue "sky".
(Teaching in St. Cyprien, France)
Name of Maker: NA
(Teaching in St. Cyprien, France) - I took some of the smaller items to teach in the south of France, May/June 2006. That is my QP Little Bag in the 1/2" hexagon on a ribbon for around my neck.
(Who) Ordered Chaos (?)
Name of Maker: Tina Curran
(Who) Ordered Chaos (?) - This was an experiment is moving from one color to another and then another. And although the each individual block is somewhat chaotic, in the end all blocks were cut to a uniform size of 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" and assembled in an orderly 10 block by 10 block grid.


Name of Maker: Debby Schnabel
-- - Inspired by the work of Marianne Burr
...And Read All Over
Name of Maker: Heather Villareal
...And Read All Over - Over-sized rail fence blocks, twisted frames, to showcase my son's comic strip. Original design; border is morse code.
...and your point is???
Name of Maker: Judy Wallace
...and your point is??? - Paper pieced, mystery quilt by Carol Doak
.ryan's quilt
Name of Maker: winkydink13
.ryan's quilt - I used the log cabin baby quilt which I found on the internet, it was delightful with little bears on it. I changed the colours and used disney characters which I embroidered on with my Brother machine.
01-20-14 wip
Name of Maker: cynthia zutavern
01-20-14 wip - WIP tribute to milestone birthday. not completed due to broken arm and surgery 1-10-2014 on the mend -finish date TBD. features hand applique, beads and crystals
1 Seam Flying Hearts
Name of Maker: Pam McIntyre
1 Seam Flying Hearts - This was from a Fons & Porter Magazine and I used Ricky's method of one seam flying geese.
1,000 Pound Therapists
Name of Maker: Joanne Muldoon
1,000 Pound Therapists - This is the first time I've tried fusible applique and I really enjoyed it. I donated it to an auction that benefits Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center www.giantstepsriding.org
10 o'Clock Board Meeting
Name of Maker: Ruthie Wasmuth
10 o'Clock Board Meeting - This quilt was made using 35 of his ties, some from the 1980's.
10 Year Delay
Name of Maker: Keith Dommer
10 Year Delay - My first bargello - made with four panels. Made as part of a family challenge to try use up all Mom's crappy 70's 50/50 fabrics. Because of these fabrics, I waited to start quilting until 1990. =)
10,000 Lakes
Name of Maker: elizbowm
10,000 Lakes - This quilt was donated for a fundraising event where I work. We had 23 quilts donated that year and were able to help many local families in need.