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Abby on the Beach
Name of Maker: Bonnie Lyn McCaffery
Abby on the Beach - Abby is my youngest daughter. Her face, hands, feet, and clothing are handpainted using the technique from my "Portrait Quilts: Painted Faces You Can Do" book.
Contemplation III Oh Just To Be
Name of Maker: Bonnie Lyn McCaffery
Contemplation III Oh Just To Be - Handpainted face and hands done with the technique in my book "Portrait Quilts: Painted Faces You Can Do" - and yes, you really can learn to paint a face. The trick is a guideline drawing created from a photo. The guideline drawing is positioned beneath the fabric so you can see exactly where to paint each of the features. Students (who sign up thinking that they really won't be able to do this) are always amazed that they really CAN do this.
Name of Maker: Beth Howard
Farmland - This is an art quilt designed based on the view from an airplane window of beautiful farms below. The fabric is all hand-dyed by me, and I pieced and quilted it on my Bernina Activa 220 (I'm just a baby quilter, but man, I love that machine!!)
Three Hearts table runner
Name of Maker: Diane B Campbell
Three Hearts table runner - Made using the stack and wack technique and mirror imaging the hearts. created 3 hearts blocks and added border.
Eric's Autumn Splendor
Name of Maker: Diane B. Campbell
Eric's Autumn Splendor - One of my first attempts at quilting. It was made for a birthday gift and given to my son Eric. Eric is a licensed certified arborist with the ISA - owns his Tree Care business in Albuquerque, NM
Bohemian Rhapsody
Name of Maker: Ricky Tims
Bohemian Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my personal favorite quilts. It has won several awards. I'm working on a book now about Rhapsody Quilts so you can make one too!

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