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Name of Maker: Joyce Allen

My niece and her fiancé love camping and hiking. I made this for their wedding. 

Name of Maker: Zohra Arastu
I am a Muslim  -- born in India -- and my work is inspired by my heritage, and the natural beauty and architecture of my land. My mother encouraged me to sew from the time I was six years old so I say, “if something can be sewn, I can sew it.” The International Quilt Contest has inspired me to create with different materials: batik, polysuede, trim, metallic, and polyester threads. I have appliqued and embellished with various machine embroidery stitches. I also enjoyed the free-motion embroidery and hand-stitching the beads and sequins to give a sparkle.
The peacock is the national bird of India and with its grace and vivid coloration, it is the epitome of the diverse culture of India unified in one creature. I have always loved the peacock and therefore decided to make it the focal point of my quilt. The paisley is another ubiquitous design in India and it is a symbol for the many indigenous varieties of mangoes. I have always had an infatuation with paisleys so my quilt could not be complete without it. The Islamic arch represents the ancient architecture sprinkled throughout India, and it is the window through which I see the world -- one filled with color and diversity, coexisting in harmony.


Name of Maker: judyc

          Made for Magic City Quilt Artists challenge: I Always Wanted To Be. After suffering from panic attacks for most of my life, I decided that the one thing I always wanted to be was Calm.


Name of Maker: Susan L. Jaenen-Griffin

"Erythema Migrans Rash" is one of fifty-two quilts in the series "52 Yarns of Lyme - The Lyme Dis-Ease Series" by Susan Jaenen-Griffin that includes traditional quilts, contemporary art quilts, 3d fiber pieces, abstract and mixed media pieces.  The series tells the 'yarns' or stories of my journey with Lyme disease and how engaging in fiber art assisted in my recovery.  The following is the artist statement for the quilt: 

Fabrics are used in this quilt to express the rage of the EM rash which is only the beginning of worse things to come.  Medical journals report that the presence of an Erythema Migrans Rash is “sufficient to make the diagnosis of Lyme” however; it is the controversy around the treatment and the bigger issue of the long term consequences of Lyme that is the real storm.

Name of Maker: Rosemary Rosenfeld

I found out about the IMQE when I attended one of Ricky Tims “days” on this side of the “pond” and I have been twinned with a quilter from Florida. Since we are both quilters one would expect to find common likes etc. but it has been quite uncanny…..we are both multi-crafters, we have both made teddy bears, we like the same colours, we have both made “Gypsy wife quilts” …just last week…..while sharing photos we discovered that we had both used the same, rather unusual fabric in family quilts! I could continue!


We write often…..and very early on we decided that we wanted to link our little quilts in some way. We narrowed our ideas down to 2…..but we couldn’t decide between them. Finally we went with both. We have been swapping blocks on a sewing/quilting theme…..4 so far, each time making identical blocks…one to send and one to keep! For the IMQE we took as our theme…..what turned out to be both  our favourite poem….Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost.


The purpose of the International Miniature Quilt Exchange is to promote quilting across borders and cultures”……in our case it has done so much more…..we have become friends and this friendship will last way beyond the scope of this project. We have one final decision……will we meet? Maybe….I hope

Name of Maker: Karen Kuske

Custom design, raw edge applique on a pieced background, paper-pieced diamond border.  26.25" w x 34" h.

Name of Maker: Sandy Wright

I made this quilt for my IMQE partner because the bee eater is found in the Black Forest of Germany where she is from.  The beautiful and colorful bee eater reflects Inna’s passion for quilting and the beauty of her work.. 

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