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Name of Maker: Lori Rakay

This is the T-shirt quilt I made for my daughter. She was a cheerleader and in track. I made this as a graduation gift her senior year. 

Name of Maker: Margaret Neal

Thi is my version of the Quilt Show 2011 Block of the Month, started and piecing finished 2011 but the actual quilting started sometime after that but not finished until September 2018.

Name of Maker: Beverly Cox

I loved this pattern when I saw it several years ago.   Last Christmas my son asked me for "something from me that he could pull out every Christmas" and I knew immediately this pattern was THE ONE!   I began in January and enjoyed the entire process, sewing on it mostly at our quilting group's regular Thursday gatherings.   He will be given this right after Thanksgiving so he and his wife can enjoy.   A lot of fun to make.

Name of Maker: Susan Stitch

This is a 36" square quilt for tummy time for a baby girl. It was inspired by Alex's beautiful necklace!

Name of Maker: Barbara Craig

Pixel quilt made for my brother’s 50th birthday. We are both huge Beatles fans.

Name of Maker: NanaPie

This quilt is constructed with 30's reproduction fabrics.   My husband is partial to it because it reminds him of his childhood watching his grandmother making quilts from feedsacks.

Name of Maker: NanaPie

This quilt was a Block of the Month by Quilting by the Bay in Panama City, Florida.   Once completed, it was quilted by long arm by Pat Hall.

SAQA post
Name of Maker: Susan Hilsenbeck

This 12" x 12" art quilt is my SAQA donation for this year. This is part of a series exploring using asymmetric Dresden fans and plates in various somewhat pictorial designs. Construction etc is detailed in a BLOG post. https://susieturn.blogspot.com/2018/03/dresden-day-at-beach.html

See also the 2018 SAQA Benefit Auction (http://www.saqa.com/auction-quilt2018.php)


Name of Maker: Becky Anderson

This quilt was made for a quilt challenge at our Log Cabin Quilters Guild of Wisconsin. Our task? Use your personal initials to create a quilt. 

The first initial was for the block itself. In my case, my first initial was "B" and I chose a version of the "Broken Dishes" quilt block, using four of those completed blocks. Hence the "Dinner For Four" title.

For the second initial "C", you had to choose a color by that name. After a Google search I found chartreuse, cherry red, and cyan. So I went to my stash to see what fabrics I might have available with those colors. I'm pretty traditional and the colors that came together were totally out of my comfort range, but the pattern lends itself to just this kind of creativity so I forged ahead.

The final letter "A" was for a technique you used on the quilt. Conveniently, I love to applique and added it to my finished piece.

It was exciting to not be tied to a pattern or color scheme! I also did some experimenting, furthering my free motion quilting experience. It was a wonderfully rewarding challenge and I love the final result. Now where am I going to hang it?

Name of Maker: Vicki Conley

Forest fires in 2011 and 2012 threatened my home and wreaked havoc on my mountain town of Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico. Through the smoke and haze we watched helplessly, unable to do more than document the devastation from our back porch as the fires moved down the valley. Finally, after two weeks of much needed rain in the summer of 2013, green shoots of grass and undergrowth sprouted through the ash amid the charred remains of our precious trees. When this new growth blossomed into brilliant yellow wild flowers carpeting the whole burned mountainside, I was suffused with hope for the future of our home and community. To reflect the transition from devastation to new life I generated a silk screen from one of my photographs and printed it on pieced backgrounds reflecting the stages of renewal in my surroundings.

Name of Maker: Andrée Bergeron

This quilt is a half-size version ot the Block of the Month 2014, by Janet Stone.  As I chose my colors each month, I saw the "sea" theme developping, so I changed some of the blocks to fit with that theme:  the S with a Storm-at-sea block, the N with a Nautilus block, and the H with a house by the sea.  I changed a few elements in the borders: I chose starfish and a few seashells, and the bottom border is completely different and has my favorite block, the Mariner's compas.

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