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Name of Maker: Dianne H. Morgan

I made this quilt after I took an online quilt class that Lea McComas did on The Quilt Show.  It is based on a picture I took f my grandson when he was 18 months old.  He was at my backdoor looking out the window of the storm door.  It made me think of him looking out at all the possibilities in his future.  This quilt was juried into and exhibited at both AQS Quiltweek Daytona 2018 and AQS Quiltweek Spring Paducah 2018.  Though it did not win any prizes, I felt it was a winner just being in these two AQS shows.

Name of Maker: Edie Phillips

This was inspired by my Berner puppy Casey's first walk in the fall leaves.  Background  is crazy pieced with batiks. The leaves are from the fabrics I paint in the hot summer months.  His body is raw edge applique.  I used 40wt. rayon for the thread painting and the leave background.

Name of Maker: Marianne Hovad

This the very first pattern I've published and is a variation on a block called "Deck of Cards" the difference being is that traditionally that block was constructed like a log cabin block.

This pattern is different and uses a unique way of constructing it that I think is a lot simpler than that so there is no partial seams, Y seams or any kind of paper piecing involved. This quilt is made up of 2 slightly different blocks that can be arranged in many different ways so the quilt pictured is just one way to arrange them

pattern is available on craftsy as a downloadable pattern 

Name of Maker: Heather Gomez

I live in Tavernier, the Florida Keys, and my parents live in St. Augustine. Last summer when we made the trip up to see them we stopped at 9 quilt shops participating in the Row by Row Experience. I recommend to every quilter to do this at least once. It was so awesome to see all the different ideas and shopping in each store was a dream.When we got home I started immediatlely and made my largest quilt yet. I free-motion quilted each row a little different and just wanted to share my results.

Name of Maker: Marion Dowell

the Tri-city Quilt Guild has a challenge every year, and this year's was called "OCD:  Obvious Circle Disorder."  It gave me a chance to use a technique I learned  in an online class called "darned Quilts" by Dena Crain, in which you cut circles (or other shapes) in the quilt and reposition them or put them elsewhere.  I had a lot of fun making this.  The expression on the bottom circle's face is pure chance -- but I'll take it!

Name of Maker: Diane Dubay

This took forever!