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Name of Maker: Patti Hempen
"Kaleido-Poppies" - I am always buying very large focus fabrics which steer me toward my love of kaleidoscopes. This is a hexagon kaleidoscope made from very large poppy print that was fun and easy to make. All flowers were outline quilted in invisible thread. I loved it so much, I bought the identical fabric in pink! Of course!
Name of Maker: Quancidine Gribble
"Kaleidoscope" - This colorful quilt was designed based on my favorite toy as a child! Many other quilts will be spun from the inspiration of this toy. Look for more decorative home fashions!
Name of Maker: Liz Neil
"King" Joe's Graduation Quilt - Graduation gift for my godson & nephew, Joe. It started out as a twin, but for ease of cutting I enlarged the individual square size by 1/2", and it turned out almost the size of a king!
Name of Maker: Trina Stephenson
"Kuna Meets Seminole Indian" - Seminole quilting style with mola blouse inset
Name of Maker: Janet Knapp
"Latte Obsession" - In deciding the only way I would learn the capabilities of my new embroidery machine was to tackle a large project I chose the latte quilt. My actually completing this quilt with the additional quilting and adding over 4000 crystals had become an obvious but enjoyable “Latte Obsession.”
Name of Maker: SBMathis
"Life is a ladder that need to be walk upward" - This was fun to make. The fannel was nice. The boarder was a new one for me, I used the continious "Young Oak courtesy of Hari Halner" design. It was entirely hand quilted but pieced by machine. This one was for P.S. Nichols, my first grandbaby, going on 18. Love you, ViVi
Name of Maker: Jane Karhu Powers
"Love Blooms" - I made this quilt for the Feeling Groovy "Big Love" challenge. It was nothing but fun, fun, fun! I enjoyed the challenge of using decorative stitches and having a deadline. Every step was fun from the making of the flowers to the selection of the binding. I used neon embroidery thread and decorative stitches on the quarter inch bias stems and around the "mod" flowers. I also used a satin stitch with neon thread to embellish my "big love". Thanks Ricky and Alex, I mean Joaquin and Mona!
Name of Maker: Heather
"love grows best..." - I died the muslin fabric in tea to make it look more antique.
Name of Maker: Sona Johnson
"Lunar Convergence" - Another convergence quilt using batiks. I purchased the spiral dyed fabric about a year ago and had no idea what I was going to use it for but I loved it. This seemed to be the perfect quilt for it. If you haven't tried one of Ricky's convergence quilts yet, they are a lot of fun!!! This is the first quilt that I've also used beads on.
Name of Maker: Yolande
"Ma bibliothèque"
Name of Maker: Diane Lane
"Majestic Yellow" - design inspired by a quilt seen in a magazine
Name of Maker: PLeber
"Man Quilt"
Name of Maker: Marge Abramo
"Margaret's Quilt" - I made this quilt for my 4th grandchild. Carol Armstrong's book "Applique Inside the Lines" was my inspiration for the letters. I found this a fun way to applique.
Name of Maker: Darce
Name of Maker: JOJO1
"Mineral Art" - The pattern is from the Better Homes and Gardens - Quilt Lovers Favorites - Volume 4. I adapted a "change" in the pattern by copying "mineral art" pictures created by my brother for a quilt for him. My brother is a wonderful artist and draws mineral art from stones that he finds in mines. I scanned his drawings, printed them on muslin and "inserted" them in the center of each square. To make this quilt "shine" like a gem stone, I used fairy-frost material within each square to match the center stone. It was truly a "treasure"!
Name of Maker: Payne
"Miss Olivia" - Ian Falconer is a childrens author who has become famous for his character Oliva a little pig who is a fashionista
Name of Maker: Linda Shields
"Moon Garden" - This mysterious scene is made of a collage of commercial Japanese style fabrics and hand dyed and marbelized fabrics. Moon garden makes you want to walk outside on a cool summer night.

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