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Winter Wolf
Name of Maker: Lezley Zwaal
Winter Wolf - Having fun with thread play!
Winter Windows
Name of Maker: Cindy Hamilton
Winter Windows - This was a challenge quilt. We had to use the three fabrics that make up the centres of the windows in a quilt. All the edges of the windows were sewn down by hand (I took it along on our honeymoon to Mexico!) and then machine pieces the squares together. Hand quilted the border.
Name of Maker: EDIE PHILLIPS

This is the forth in my series of confetti pieced seasonal quilts. I took a picture of my husband and our Bernese mountain dogs on the beach.  I changed the season and added our home. In the tree line I used dryer sheets to get the foggy look. Again there is bags and bags of confetti pieces . I quilted the whole thing with embroidery threads. can you find the rabbit and deer?

Name of Maker: Cuauhtémoc Q. Kish

Acrylic paints, pencil, abd quilting.

Winter Surprise
Name of Maker: Mary Lou Walls
Winter Surprise - This was a kit purchased by my mother. She was to complete this with my sister-in-law who also purchased the kit, but they were wanting to do it together. Since my mother passed away in October, my sister-in-law elected me to sew the kit my mother had purchased. I enjoyed learning how to use the ombre type of fabric to make this quilt, but I especially enjoyed working with my sister-in-law.
Winter Stars
Name of Maker: Karen Boelter
Winter Stars - I collected 'blue winter' fabrics for several years before starting on this, my first 'large' quilt not from a pattern. It is my 'January' quilt for the wall gallery in my dining room.
Winter Star
Name of Maker: Ferret
Winter Star - Another wholecloth. I really enjoy making them, so expect to see more.
Winter Snowflake
Name of Maker: Nancy
Winter Snowflake - I adapted this paperpieced block to make a wallhanging. I was curious to try the technique and didn't want to make a full sized quilt.
Winter Slumber
Name of Maker: Bev
Winter Slumber - My son wanted a warm quilt for winter so after buying various flannel fabrics, I cut squares and designed the rows. The quilt was fast, fun and very warm.
Winter Season
Name of Maker: Cheryl Arvanitis
Winter Season
Winter Scraps
Name of Maker: Billie Yarbrough
Winter Scraps - I wanted a masculine looking quilt for a guest room. This was perfect as it allowed me to use up almost all the 6 in fabric swaps that I had.
Winter Scene
Name of Maker: julie2066
Winter Scene - Preprinted panel with machine applique corners and lattice pieced border. Panel was purchased in the 1980's. Applique corners are a variety of fabrics pruchased in the mid 1990's. Quilt hangs on fireplace from Dec. till the crocus bloom.
Winter Scene
Name of Maker: Lawnmower
Winter Scene - Just after I had started to learn patchwork and quilting I saw this book by Nancy Zieman and Natalie Sewell called Landscape Quilts and got thoroughly hooked on it.
Winter Roses
Name of Maker: Cindy D
Winter Roses - This quilt was made in 2005 and quilted in 2007. We had to pick out our fabrics without knowing what the pattern looked like. I love roses, so all the fabrics have roses in them. The pattern is by Lerlene Nevaril. I do not know if the pattern is published, but Lerlene has written several books including "Over Easy: Creative Ideas for Pieced Quilt Backs (That Patchwork Place)", so the back of the quilt is pieced also.
Winter Rose
Name of Maker: Gail Enno
Winter Rose - It took me approximately one year to complete this quilt. The applique is free motion outline quilted and the sashings and borders free motion quilted with a leaf design. I wanted to challenge myself making this traditional quilt, as I usually make contemporary or art quilts. I enjoyed the applique aspect and using the bias maker to make the stems.
Winter Respite
Name of Maker: Rosenelle Florencechild
Winter Respite - This started out as a Mile-A-Minute Scrap Quilt. Then one day I was recuperating from a cold and turned on Alex Anderson's, Simply Quilts. I don't remember the guest, but she had a super easy way of producing the jaguard design. I tried it out with my scrap blocks and loved the effect. So much of my quilting involves serendipitous moments when an unexpected encounter leads me in a new and wonderful direction. This quilt may be the beginning of my love for checks and stripes in borders and little strips of color that say, "hello, look at me."
Winter Quiltastrohpy
Name of Maker: Mo Pfister
Winter Quiltastrohpy - This quilt inspires me to know there are no mistakes, keep moving forward and beauty will present itself. Created originally as pure redwork and then God's hand took over during first washing. I was mortified until I saw that the areas of pink stayed completely within the boundaries of the stained blocks. It is perfect. I could never have planned it this way...
Winter Penguins
Name of Maker: Libbie
Winter Penguins - My youngest son chose this pattern with the thought that each penguin represented the children in our family. My children chose the colors for the penguin that represents them.
Winter Park Scape
Name of Maker: Kathy Rohde
Winter Park Scape

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