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Wish For Tomorrow to Come
Name of Maker: Bewilkered
Wish For Tomorrow to Come - 50 X 35 Wall Hanging, all cotton, myriad of threads, beads, stitches, fibers. Started project during a very emotional time in my life, able to process those with the help of the creative process.
Wisconsin Winters
Name of Maker: redtwin
Wisconsin Winters - attic window quilt using a purchased pillow panel - quilt was made to remind me of the cold WI winters
Wisconsin Log Cabin
Name of Maker: Mary Lichtenberg
Wisconsin Log Cabin
Name of Maker: Cuauhtemoc Q Kish

"Wired" represents the everyday Man/Woman who has received too much stimuli from the world in which we live.

Name of Maker: SuperNova
Name of Maker: Jeanster
Winterberry Star
Name of Maker: Kate Colleran
Winterberry Star - I designed this quilt to be a tree skirt, but could be used as a wall -hanging- cutting into the center for the tree skirt was sooo... hard!
Winterberry Garden
Name of Maker: Jean Jenkins
Winterberry Garden
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
Name of Maker: Heather
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - I used another window that I found and used it for the frame. It's the wall hanging above my sewing table in my office.
Winter's Evening Star
Name of Maker: Maureen Herran
Winter's Evening Star - Quilt designer, Emma Tyrrell shared this classic quilt block with Ladies Home Journal in April 1933. It was reprinted in Century of Quilts magazine in approximately 2004 or 2005. The quilting was designed by Maureen Herran and was accomplished by free-hand quilting on a longarm machine. None of it was done by computer.
Winter's dusk
Name of Maker: Karilyn
Winter's dusk - soft pastel shades with a hint of opalescence
Winter Woods
Name of Maker: Deb Sims
Winter Woods - This is a free style raw edge applique quilt. I drew the design and cut and placed fabric as I worked.
Winter Wonderland Flannel Quilt
Name of Maker: Joan Schneider and Peggy Anne Klinker
Winter Wonderland Flannel Quilt - A Quick, dramatic Alexander Henry flannel winter wonderland scene offset with gorgeous fossil fern, batik, and quilter's suede flannel fabrics. This is HUGE, and just too beautiful to describe! The pic really does not do it justice. The perfect "guy quilt" (but I love it, too...) $99 includes all fabrics for top and back, pattern PLUS postage. beat that. www.peggyannes.com don't see it? call the shop (603) 223-2344 The truck is my Son-in-Law's. I'll let you know when it's for sale.....
Winter Wonderland
Name of Maker: Lydia
Winter Wonderland - Winter Wonderland is a quilted tree skirt about 60 inches diameter. The fabric top is pieced jacqard and the bottom is quilter's cotton. The machine embroidery designs are from Husquvarna-Viking and were done on the quilt top using cut-away stabilizer. After the quilt sandwich was assembed, the sandwich was meander quilted. I added buttons from my grandmothers button collection, sparkles, and beads. The beads were applied by machine using a bare-needle technique with lowered feed dogs.
Winter Wonderland
Name of Maker: Theresa Ayers
Winter Wonderland - I gather with friends every Monday evening, we work on embroidery projects. This is our latest
Winter Wonderland
Name of Maker: Midge Kincaid
Winter Wonderland - Log Church in the woods with children skating on ice pond, snowmen, and people on sled pulled by a reindeer. Includes pearl beads, sequins and silver lame.
Winter Wonderland
Name of Maker: Lana Fultz
Winter Wonderland - Depicts winter with snow, mountains, children playing in the snow, and ice skaters. It shows how fun winter can be.
Winter Wonder
Name of Maker: Karin Strom-Shikaloff
Winter Wonder - These villages are so much fun to do that I see many variations in my future.

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