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Woman and Elements Revolve
Name of Maker: Linda Teddlie Minton
Woman and Elements Revolve - With one limb in each of the 4 elements ... earth, air, water, and fire ... Woman both controls and is controlled by them.
Name of Maker: Carol Deards
Dogs have long been human companions, bred to create canines much different than the wolf ancestors of thousands of years ago.  And yet, we get glimpses now and again of their wild heritage.  The trappings of domestication fade as they chase a rabbit or shred a stuffed toy and, just for a moment, we can hear their ancestor's haunting call before the pets we know and love are themselves again.
This portrait is of Monique, my youngest standard poodle.  She had little human contact the first few months of her life and it took her a long time to enjoy and seek human affection and contact.
Name of Maker: Betty Jo Tatum

A fantasy quilt imagining a wizards' duel in another place at another time pictured against a turbulent orange sky with an explosive sun.  Watching the duel from the sky are nearly invisible creatures..a phoenix, a little bird, a raven, and a pegasus.  Across the top of the sky fly what quilters may think are flying geese, but in this place, these triangles represent pteradactyls.  Double batted, cotton fabrics, Superior brand threads of multiple weights and Isacord embroidery thread.  Gina Perkes and Lisa Calle rulers were used in the quilting process. The wizards and dragon were painted and then heavily stitched with metallic threads, and the dragon was backed with a  layer of wool batting to achieve some trapunto shaping and then appliqued. 

With This Ring
Name of Maker: Elaine C Miller
With This Ring - A Wedding gift for my niece. This wedding ring was made using John Flynn's templates, a great way to do this traditional block! The wedding was on the beach in Seattle and the honeymoon was in Hawaii, so I used batik fabrics and quilted hibiscus flowers into the centers of the rings with sea shells in the connecting areas.

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