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Wool Lap Quilt-Stay warm in College
Name of Maker: Florence Parrish Moore-my grandmother
Wool Lap Quilt-Stay warm in College - This lap quilt was created in the early 1960's by my grandmother for me to use a college to keep warm when the heat didn't work. It is made of wool that she or my father had made into clothes for members of our family. I recognize 3 different wool pieces that I know I wore during the 1950's & 60"s. Some of the rectangles are patched so that they are the correct size for the quilt. This attests to my gradmothers frugal use of every scrap of fabric. I remember playing with her scraps as a child and learning to sew first from her at a very young age (5-10). The quilts has been secured tofether by tying with wool yarn.
Wool Flowers
Name of Maker: Joan Piercy
Wool Flowers - I saw this quilt at a quilt show in Charleston, SC, and ordered it as a BOM. I like to embroider by hand so learning to sew with wool was terrific. I plan to do echo quilting by hand to finish it.
Wool Applique
Name of Maker: kelliehms
Wool Applique - This was a 6 issue project from Quiltmaker. I changed the dog's ear to floppy.
Woof Woof
Name of Maker: Bethindc
Woof Woof - I used EQ6 to design this quilt and based it on one of their patterns. I also scanned the fabrics so I could see what it would look like with the fabrics I chose. I quilted it on my Viking Megaquilter and the quilting pattern just says "woof woof woof" all the way across the quilt. Gale is a dog lover.
Woody - The Border Collie
Name of Maker: Karin Olson
Woody - The Border Collie - This is my original design based on a Melinda Bula technique.
Woodstock Revisited
Name of Maker: Deborah Ross
Woodstock Revisited - This quilt started as a one of a kind tie dyed sheet, the minute I saw it I could see it quilted and embellished, There are embroidered peace signs,flowers, 1800 crystals and 1000 holograms. I put the names of 20 performers at Woodstock on the back of the quilt.
Woodlands Wild Flowers
Name of Maker: Marylyn L. Jones
Woodlands Wild Flowers - Applique Wild Flowers in the center panle with pieced work in borders.
Woodlands Cathedral
Name of Maker: cozyquilter
Woodlands Cathedral - Miniature 17" x 17" cathedral window with sky, trees, grass, and flowers in increasing scale from right to left
Woodland Wonders
Name of Maker: scquilter
Woodland Wonders - Modified the pattern.
Woodland Wildflowers
Name of Maker: Betsy Smith
Woodland Wildflowers - Purchased center panel is surrounded by a variety of 4" blocks in colors to coordinate with the center panel. Many crystals were added for sparkle.
Name of Maker: Ann Scott

This is the first quilt I have done machine applique.  It was a challenge for me.

Woodland Flower
Name of Maker: Terry Knott
Woodland Flower - Began in Jan. 2010 in a Nancy Chong applique class. Quilted with sulkey and silk threads. Wool batting, flower pot trapunto with 2 layers of 80/20 Hobbs batting. Finished 9-2010.
Woodland Flora
Name of Maker: dorene3
Woodland Flora - I made this quilt after taking a class from Ellen Anne Eddy. I used metallic thread, perle cottons, bobbin work, yarn couching etc. This is great fun, as the quilt evolves layer upon layer.
Woodland Butterfly
Name of Maker: Dave & Linda Strom
Woodland Butterfly - Round quilt of mostly my hand dyed fabrics. Made with 10 degree ruler
Wooden Houses
Name of Maker: Charlotte Noll
Wooden Houses - Inspired by traditional house patterns and Robert Kaufman Home Improvement fabric line. Entered in the Robert Kaufman 2007 Miniature Contest and I’m so happy to be included in the touring collection with a stop in Houston!!! 961 1/2" squares quilted with silk thread. Back is one large pieced house.
Wood Sprite
Name of Maker: Me
Wood Sprite - Was the ad for IQF in 2006 - Angelina fiber, prismacolor pencil, ink, batiks - Part of my Journal Quilts, in the book A Page from my Journal

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