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Name of Maker: SBMathis
"Life is a ladder that need to be walk upward" - This was fun to make. The fannel was nice. The boarder was a new one for me, I used the continious "Young Oak courtesy of Hari Halner" design. It was entirely hand quilted but pieced by machine. This one was for P.S. Nichols, my first grandbaby, going on 18. Love you, ViVi
Name of Maker: Janet Knapp
"Latte Obsession" - In deciding the only way I would learn the capabilities of my new embroidery machine was to tackle a large project I chose the latte quilt. My actually completing this quilt with the additional quilting and adding over 4000 crystals had become an obvious but enjoyable “Latte Obsession.”
Name of Maker: Trina Stephenson
"Kuna Meets Seminole Indian" - Seminole quilting style with mola blouse inset
Name of Maker: Liz Neil
"King" Joe's Graduation Quilt - Graduation gift for my godson & nephew, Joe. It started out as a twin, but for ease of cutting I enlarged the individual square size by 1/2", and it turned out almost the size of a king!
Name of Maker: Quancidine Gribble
"Kaleidoscope" - This colorful quilt was designed based on my favorite toy as a child! Many other quilts will be spun from the inspiration of this toy. Look for more decorative home fashions!
Name of Maker: Patti Hempen
"Kaleido-Poppies" - I am always buying very large focus fabrics which steer me toward my love of kaleidoscopes. This is a hexagon kaleidoscope made from very large poppy print that was fun and easy to make. All flowers were outline quilted in invisible thread. I loved it so much, I bought the identical fabric in pink! Of course!
Name of Maker: JoAnn Camp
"Josie" - "Josie" is my granddaughter. When she first saw this quilt, she was very quiet, but when I asked her if she knew who it was, she nodded and said "It's me!"
Name of Maker: Joy Sterner
"Joey's Airplane Quilt" - Airplanes in flight, from the earliest vintage to jets and Heliocopters. Edge is paper pieced simple airplane shapes. Machine pieced and quilted on a Bernina sewing machine, 1230.
Name of Maker: Shirley Norman
"Ji Whiz, you have a pretty garden" - I saw the arrangement of the Log Cabin in a magazine, and incorporated the dimensional flower from another. As a love gift for a friend from Thailand. Of course, I had to explain the meaning of the idiom, Gee Whiz.
Name of Maker: mrkeptinstitches
"Jenny's Quilt" - "Jenny's quilt" The manager of my local sewing center, commissioned me to do this quilt for her nephew's wedding. It's a revised nine patch in various white on black, and black on white with a deep red half on the center half square triangle, and a piano key border. It was quilted in the ditch except the center. Finally accented with a deep red binding. I really hated to give it up, but a deal's a deal.
Name of Maker: Judy Rittmeyer
"Jelly Fish" for Wesley - I used a Timeless Treasure jelly roll that I found and just had to buy because the colors were so wonderful. I also really wanted to get the quilt done and thought having the strips already cut would make things go faster. Well, live and learn. After I eliminated two rows to re-size the quilt I then had to refigure the cutting directions, the piecing was more complicated than I had anticipated and then I added lots of free motion quilting so all in all it was not a fast quilt to make but lots of fun.
Name of Maker: Yolande
"Jardin entrelazado"
Name of Maker: Jeannette
"Jane Austen's Writing Table Quilt" - This pattern is from Linda Franz's "Jane Austen's Writing Table Quilt"
Name of Maker: Sue Sweeney
"It's A Deal" - This quilt was made as a thank you gift for a very generous person who did me a HUGE favor. Coincidentally, her daughter is a big fan of the "Wizard Of Oz" so it really struck a cord for her family! The blues and yellows of this quilt just sang to me.
Name of Maker: Dawn Kaniper
"It wasn't supposed to be Blue" - This was made during a class I took. The number of blocks was mind-boogling! I started out with a focus fabric that I never used.
Name of Maker: Connie Terry
"Iris Garden" - This kit was given to me from my mother in the late 60's. I did the cross stitch on it over a 33 year period and when I wanted to start making quilts I finished this project first. I ran out of thread and searched for the Peri-Lusta on internet but was unable to purchase it. Fortunately I was able to match the colors perfectly with DMC. I'm not really fond of cross stitch but it is a treasure to me knowing how many years and hours I worked on it while raising our five children. There are many irises quilted in which makes it even more beautiful.

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