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Name of Maker: Laurie Britt
"My Life" - I used purple flowers from the Vintage Violets fabric collection for this quilt that depicts my life. Yellow Brick Road represents the road I have travelled thus far. The purple colors represent the passion for life. The flowers represent the notion of taking time to smell flowers. I did loopy free-motion quilting and that represents the ups-and-downs of my life, mostly of my last few years in which I have had to deal with colon cancer and a recurrence in my lung. This is my favorite quilt that I have made because it represents "my life".
Name of Maker: Mickie Sharkey
"My Heirloom Sampler" - My first quilt -- cut with scissors, hand-pieced, hand-quilted. Done in same colors, just like pattern. Will be handed down as an heirloom. 20 traditional blocks.
Name of Maker: Candy Beardsley
"My Heart's at Sea" - I have wanted to make a Storm at Sea quilt for over 15 years and FINALLY took a class. As much as I enjoy nearly every aspect of quilting, this one was (and IS) very special to my heart. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE SPENT ON IT!! "THIS" one is my "Passion Quilt"!!
Name of Maker: makesgeese
"My Geese Flew Around Provence" - Wanting to make a quilt that would be a challenge, I made this one using my collection of French Provence fabrics. It was challenge...and I am happy I made it.
Name of Maker: Janice Erickson
"My Friend Anna" - My friend Anna died of cancer this year. She was a good friend and a talented quilter. I had taken this picture of her several years ago, so I decided to make a fabric portrait from it. I pixelated the photo.....printed it out on fabric numerous times....cut it all apart and layered it back together by colors and shades. Then I thread painted it all, matching the threads to the shades. Some parts of the portrait are four layers deep.
Name of Maker: Louanne Graeber
"My First Quilt" - Years ago I swore I would never get involved with quilting...just seemed like too much work with all the piecing and all. Well, this was a class I started with my sister-in-law and I truly fell in love with quilting. Even did a little embellishing as well.
Name of Maker: Linda Shields
"Moon Garden" - This mysterious scene is made of a collage of commercial Japanese style fabrics and hand dyed and marbelized fabrics. Moon garden makes you want to walk outside on a cool summer night.
Name of Maker: Payne
"Miss Olivia" - Ian Falconer is a childrens author who has become famous for his character Oliva a little pig who is a fashionista
Name of Maker: JOJO1
"Mineral Art" - The pattern is from the Better Homes and Gardens - Quilt Lovers Favorites - Volume 4. I adapted a "change" in the pattern by copying "mineral art" pictures created by my brother for a quilt for him. My brother is a wonderful artist and draws mineral art from stones that he finds in mines. I scanned his drawings, printed them on muslin and "inserted" them in the center of each square. To make this quilt "shine" like a gem stone, I used fairy-frost material within each square to match the center stone. It was truly a "treasure"!
Name of Maker: Darce
Name of Maker: Marge Abramo
"Margaret's Quilt" - I made this quilt for my 4th grandchild. Carol Armstrong's book "Applique Inside the Lines" was my inspiration for the letters. I found this a fun way to applique.
Name of Maker: PLeber
"Man Quilt"
Name of Maker: Diane Lane
"Majestic Yellow" - design inspired by a quilt seen in a magazine
Name of Maker: Yolande
"Ma bibliothèque"
Name of Maker: Sona Johnson
"Lunar Convergence" - Another convergence quilt using batiks. I purchased the spiral dyed fabric about a year ago and had no idea what I was going to use it for but I loved it. This seemed to be the perfect quilt for it. If you haven't tried one of Ricky's convergence quilts yet, they are a lot of fun!!! This is the first quilt that I've also used beads on.
Name of Maker: Heather
"love grows best..." - I died the muslin fabric in tea to make it look more antique.
Name of Maker: Jane Karhu Powers
"Love Blooms" - I made this quilt for the Feeling Groovy "Big Love" challenge. It was nothing but fun, fun, fun! I enjoyed the challenge of using decorative stitches and having a deadline. Every step was fun from the making of the flowers to the selection of the binding. I used neon embroidery thread and decorative stitches on the quarter inch bias stems and around the "mod" flowers. I also used a satin stitch with neon thread to embellish my "big love". Thanks Ricky and Alex, I mean Joaquin and Mona!

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