Quilt Gallery  (21,068 Quilts)

Name of Maker: EllenG
"QB Quilt" - Flowers were folded from pattern in "Fantastic Fabric Folding" by Rebecca Wat. My work "qb" needed a little sprucing up. So I made dozens of flowers, used bias tape for stems, fabric for cut-out leaves and Japanese fabric for the vase. The entire piece is pinned to my cubicle wall. It's an installation piece. I can move flowers around and change the position of the flowers anytime. Try it - it's a lot of fun and has gotten a lot of attention. I work for a Japanese company ... many of the Japanese women have commented on this unusual technique.
Name of Maker: Patti Hempen
"Pure Retro" - This quilt was made from a kit in a magazine. I am so sorry, I don't remember which one. I gave the book away. The 60s-70s look to it led me to entitle it "Pure Retro."
Name of Maker: Betty Ann Seeman
"Psycedelic Circut Board" - I made this piece during an on line class taught by Ellen Lindner. She calls this technique IAQ for Instant Art Quilt. Fun and Fast
Name of Maker: Wilma Moss
"Praise for the Rain" - Whole cloth interior surrounded by paper-pieced border; both hand and machine quilted; embellished with beads.
Name of Maker: JoAnn Rusden
"Pirate's Star"
Name of Maker: Phil Langford
"Pink" - Made for my daughter, who had pink streaks in her hair at the time (they looked fab by the way) Made from 6 fat quarters of pink fabrics and a background of white Fairy Frost.
Name of Maker: NA
"Phlox bloom" - Size 90x90, 2007 Cotton quilt assembly, quilting.
Name of Maker: Maureen H Capps
"Patrick's Blankie" - Rag Quilt
Name of Maker: AuntSewsie
"Panic" - I named this quilt "Panic" because I had several mishaps along the way -- a great learning experience. I loved making this quilt so much and then had some fabulous quilting done on it by a long-arm quilter that I wasn't going to give up. I'm glad I didn't.
Name of Maker: Dorothy J. Cochran
"One Web or Another" - "A Page From My Journal - 2007. The webs represent the recent things that have tried to keep me from being creative. I am headed toward the open door. It is currently on display at IQF in Houston.
Name of Maker: Janet Knapp
"One Stitch At A Time" - Using two strands of floss, back stitching "one stitch at a time," provided me with many happy hours of stitching. After finishing the blocks I found a setting I liked in Sharon Craig's book "Ultimate Half Log Cabin" ...and did many hours of piecing using red and cream fabrics.
Name of Maker: Linda Nelson
"NOT" so Traditional - Most of these blocks are traditonal Baltimore Album blocks but I have no idea where the patterns came from. I took a class while living in Saudi Arabia and was provided with the block patterns. I think I started in 1993 and finally finished in 2006!
Name of Maker: Banakina
"Nostalgia" - 1 place in the competition Evroquilt, the magazine "Wonderful Moments" in 2009
Name of Maker: Marilyn Maddalena Withrow
"My Life.........So Far" - Made as a Christmas gift for my son, Randy Bowlsby, as a memory quilt -- it contains embellishments representing his marriage, his sons, his graduation from college, his music experiences, paths around Trinity County, CA, where he learned to ride his motorcycle -- and motorcycle embellishments. It also contains Eagle Scout memorabilia, my mother's pins from his Scouting years, and football embellishments from when he played high school football. He now is a Harley owner and rides around central California, sometimes with the Patriot Riders who accompany the families to the funerals of our fallen soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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