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Xmas Table Cloth
Name of Maker: Rhonda
Xmas Table Cloth - Workshop done with Jenny Stanley using Christmas fabrics.
Xmas Wallhanging
Name of Maker: Kelly Grace
Xmas Wallhanging - I made this quilt for my father-in-law and his wife for Xmas. It has pictures of all 3 of his kids, plus all of our pets.
Y2K Quilt
Name of Maker: JudyPete
Y2K Quilt - In 1999 I began swapping squares of fabric along with siggies (signature squares) with other quilters I met on the internet. We exchanged packets (squishies) of 25 different fabrics in 2.5 inch square along with a signatur square. The design is my original creation. The signature squares are stitched onto the back of the quilt. This quilt was in a special Y2K quilt exhibit in Houston in 2000?. It's huge (86"x106") and needs a LARGE wall for display.
Ya-Ya Table Topper
Name of Maker: Tracey Van Slyke
Ya-Ya Table Topper - This quilt was a request by a good friend of mine. She has a group of friends that call themselves the Ya-Ya's. This is for Ya-Ya Anne's 60th Birthday.
Yankee Thrift
Name of Maker: Barbara Pindel
Yankee Thrift - This quilt was a pattern by Bethany Reynolds. I started this as a class, done by paper piecing. Lot of work but I think it turned out beautifu.
Yankees in Tara
Name of Maker: Jackie OBrien
Yankees in Tara - My sister and I have been searching for ancestors when we stumbled on the Town of Vienna, NY website where there is a story of the town's history. In that story we found many family members listed as soldiers in the Civil War. I took that information and embroidered it into the blocks of this quilt for my sister for Christmas. On the label I embroidered all the women's maiden and married names to the lineage.
Yappity Barkity Woof!
Name of Maker: JanetG
Yappity Barkity Woof! - I made this quilt for my granddaughter, who loves pink, and dogs, and dots.
Yard Sale Treasure
Name of Maker: Donna Rae Hays and Harriet Davies
Yard Sale Treasure - Purchased the appliqued blocks at a Yard Sale. Added some emblelishments and finished the quilt. Here it is hanging at the Rogue Valley Piecemakers' Show.. with the both Harriet and Donna.
Ye Ole Fishing Hole
Name of Maker: Mamaroo
Ye Ole Fishing Hole - My brother is a fisherman BIG time. So I bought this fish fabric with him in mind but wanted something with a round pattern to create fishing hole theme. Had bought the Circle Magic template a long time ago and had messed up my first try with it so it sat collecting dust. I found a pattern in Fons and Porter Magazine giving tips on the Circle Magic Pattern so I got brave and tried again. It came together great but didn't have enough fish fabric for each block so threw in navy. Used fannel instead of batting- looks thin, drapes great but very heavy for those Iowa winters. He LOVES it.
Year 2 teachers Quilt
Name of Maker: Jane Davidson
Year 2 teachers Quilt - Made for my sons Year 2 teacher. I make a quilt every year for the teacher. Karen wanted Autumn tones. The childrens names are embroidered around the flowers.
Year 2000 quilt
Name of Maker: quiltediris
Year 2000 quilt - I traded with 80 quilters from all over the world. Each block is squares from one person, one from each state in the United States and Washington, D.C., plus 29 different countries. The center square is a signature square from the person I received the squares from. 80 blocks times 25 squares equals 2000 pieces for the year 2000.
Year of the Boar
Name of Maker: Kelly Kreft
Year of the Boar - This was made for the Pueblo Quilt Expos Fabric Challenge 2007. The theme was "Creativing Isn't Boaring" in honor of the Chinese The Year Of The Boar. 1st Place in wallhangings
Year of the Dragon
Name of Maker: Rebecca Fellows
Year of the Dragon - This celebrates my trip to China. I incorporated photos and designed the dragon from a photo I took in the Forbidden City. Embellished with beads and coins
Name of Maker: scrumbles
Yei-Be-Chai - I made this wall hanging for my dining area.
Name of Maker: Elsie Vredenburg
YELLOW - A guild challenge to use the butterfly fabric and the theme was JOY. Yellow is the color of sunshine and a joyful color.
Yellow & Grey
Name of Maker: corinaw
Yellow & Grey - An easy, contemporary quilt. Perfect for a teen.

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