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Name of Maker: Ann Laffin
"Ten" - This was a challenge by my quilt guild. 1.A piece of striped fabric 2.A curve somewhere in the quilt 3.Must include 10 of something. 4.A nine-patch block 5.A log cabin block 6.Triangles in the border 7.A star 8.Something brown 9.A house 10. An animal
Name of Maker: Louanne Graeber
"Texas Our Texas" - I first saw this quilt at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 1999. I bought the pattern at that time. I am a born and bred Texan and I really like what the designer did with this quilt.
Name of Maker: Pat Bennett
"Textures of my life" - This quilt was donated to AAQ for their 2009 auction.
Name of Maker: Karen Hull
"The Barrel Racer" - I bought the laser cut kit, with the applique, but I purchased the fabric used at my local quilt shop and used my own design to place the applique on. Given to my grandson's girl friend who barrel races.
Name of Maker: Shari Ortega
"The Disconnect" - I had just found out a few days before this class my dh has Parkinsons. The feelings of frustrations and unreality show in the colors.. the design just shows how disconnected you become from the real world. It could also show some lostness associated with alzheimers too..like the packman of the 70's just taking away your life piece by piece..
Name of Maker: Patti Hempen
"The Far East Goes South!" - Occasionally, design ideas take on a life of their own, go in a completely different direction and become a wonderful surprise. This quilt was juried into the AQS 2010 Lancaster Show. Happy girl !
Name of Maker: Janet Knapp
"The Great Escape" - The agony of cutting up so many cranes was rewarded by doing applique and hand embroidery around a trio of cranes to again put life back into the quilt.
Name of Maker: Amanda Jane Hussein
"The Love You Take is Equal to the Love You Make" - My folks are far away so I wanted to send a nicely framed bunch of photos.
Name of Maker: Anna Braun
"There is One in Every Crowd" - Large throw size, done in Civil War reproductions and similar fabrics. One block turned wrong-hence the name.
Name of Maker: generik4u
"Til My Arts Content - This is my first quilt totally made of scraps from old pillow shams, work shirts & pants, muslin, a bed sheet, and an old mattress cover for batting. Since this was my first quilt, it was supposed to be a practice run, but I think it turned out REALLY well, so I've decided to post it. It has very sparce quilting, but for my first try I'm happy with it. Maybe one day I will add more quilting to it. Will have to wait and see, but fornow I'm happy with it just the way it is.
Name of Maker: Maria Matthews
"to keep you warm in UNI" - I made this quilt for my daughter to take with her to university.
Name of Maker: Margarita Wilcox
"VALLEY BUTTERFLY" - I won the BOM at my guild on my second meeting. Since I used a heavy polyester batting, It took me way over a year to hand quilt it. It is quite warm.
Name of Maker: Hall, Chafy Miller, Morris, Seeman, Ward
"Visions of Palms" - Five quilt artists colaborated to create this quilt as one of the 2011 raffle quilts for our local guild.
Name of Maker: Jane Karhu Powers
"Wall Flowers" - Totally original design of a vase of sunflowers and zinnias. The vase and flowers are thread painted and free motion quilted on a domestic machine.
Name of Maker: bonnieb
"Watch!" - The quilt is one done in a class on quilt design exploration using techniques of Katie Pasquini Masopust.
Name of Maker: Linda Shields
"We Remember" - My 9-11 memorial quilt features headlines and newspaper photos of 9-11. Stars of David illustrate that we were attacked because we support the right of Israel to exist.

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