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A Tribute to My Friend
Name of Maker: Fran Kelly
A Tribute to My Friend - Made for my friend Deb at the end of her 3 years as President of the Blue Star Moms (mothers of those serving in the military). Photos comprise the border.
Practically Perfect Patchwork
Name of Maker: Michele Harer
Practically Perfect Patchwork - This is the quilt that's on the cover of my book by the same name. When I won the Viking/JoAnn contest, I went to my local quilt shop to see exactly what my new machine would look like when it was sent from the manufacturer. The store clerk asked me if I'd like to buy it, but I told her I already won one. Then she asked me if I would be interested in teaching. I had been in a bad car accident and couldn't work as an administrative assistant any longer. That's why I entered the contest -- for a new sewing machine so I could make quilts to make extra money ;-) ha! So, I made the quilt as a teaching example. Being insecure about teaching skills, I wrote everything down and made copies for my students. One day, one lady said, "You've given us so many papers, why don't you just write a book! That would at least cut down on the time I spent making copies, so I did, and it was published!
Dazzeling Dogs
Name of Maker: Annette Renard
Dazzeling Dogs - 12 blocks of fused and machine appliqued animated dogs.
Family Tree
Name of Maker: Theadra L. Fleming
Family Tree - This quilt is a tribute to my family. I chose the tradition Tree of Life pattern, and used the colors of a rainbow as the background. The back of the quilt has all my family members represented by their hand prints which were traced on differefnt batik fabrics.
There but for the grace of God
Name of Maker: Jody Crawford
There but for the grace of God - Pictures of hungry and shadows of depression and war
Orange bloom
Name of Maker: Juanita Yeager
Orange bloom - Based on my hand drawn images of petunia blooms and used for class sample.
Tomorrow's Vision
Name of Maker: Juanita Yeager
Tomorrow's Vision
From the same garden we came
Name of Maker: Juanita Yeager
From the same garden we came - Quilt created for Huskavarna contest 2004
Triple Treat
Name of Maker: Juanita Yeager
Triple Treat
~Night & Day~
Name of Maker: KCs Art Studio13
~Night & Day~ - ~From Dark To Light~ A Raven Changes from ~Night to Day~ All Hand-Dyed Fabrics From KCs Art Studio13 ~Reversible Quilt~~My Multi-Colored Fibers and Fabrics Sold on Ebay ~KCs Art Studio13~FUN FABRICS~Thank You.

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