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Rectangled Stars
Name of Maker: Mickie
Rectangled Stars - Foundation-pieced
Name of Maker: Mickie
Janet-Lee Santeusanio
Name of Maker: Janet-Lee Santeusanio
Janet-Lee Santeusanio - This is a close up photo of Finished is a Good Thing!
Finished is a Good Thing !
Name of Maker: Janet-Lee Santeusanio
Finished is a Good Thing ! - I began making the applique' blocks in probably 1997 as part of a Block of the Month at my local quilt shop. As it turned out, I decided in pretty short order that I wasn't all that thrilled about applique, even though it was being done by machine. So the blocks sat until I needed to "bid" on a machine quilting job and I needed to highlight my machine quilting skills. I dug out the blocks and with only 5 of them completed, I didn't have much of a quilt. I knew that I was not doing any more applique' so I did faux applique' with just machine quilting. For the border and sashing, I cut up the pieces of fabric which were originally to be used for the applique'. The machine quilting style is called "McTavishing" named after the extraordinary machine quilter and quilting teacher, Karen McTavish (www.designerquilts.com). I won the quilting job and Karen used the quilt in her book "The Art of McTavishing" by On Word Bound Books. The quilt has won numerous awards and now hangs in my quilting studio.
Presented by
Name of Maker: NA
Mom's 80th Birthday Signature Quilt
Name of Maker: Janis Baethke
Mom's 80th Birthday Signature Quilt - I had guests at my Mom's 80th birthday party sign the blocks, and then I organized the rows, added the borders, and quilted this quilt. I used the magnifing attachment to get the tiny stippling done in the border...Thank you Ricky for showing us that attachment in Madison!
Stack the Tiles - Purple
Name of Maker: Janis Baethke
Stack the Tiles - Purple - I simplified the 4 patch posie block to be able to teach to a quilt bee in Texas.
Sunbonnet Alphabet
Name of Maker: Patti
Sunbonnet Alphabet
Chickens, chickens, chickens
Name of Maker: Patti
Chickens, chickens, chickens - This was made for my favorite Aunt and my best quilter, Faye Turk. She loved chickens and had her kitchen decorated with them. All 96 chickens have embroidered feet and machine appliquéd beaks and prairie points for wings that flap! The green fabric looks like blades of grass and really makes the quilt cute. I inherited this quilt back when she passed away in November of 2005.
USA Quilt 2002
Name of Maker: Patti
USA Quilt 2002 - This started as a free pattern for the flag from HGTV's Simply Quilts, days after 9-11. After completing the flag and laying on my bed, I decided to add to it. 2500 pieces of fabric later I had made my favorite quilt. It features hearts, stars, 4 bald eagles, and the year completed 2002. It is entirely paper pieced. We sleep under this every night.
Oriental Stars
Name of Maker: Flipper
Oriental Stars - This is the third quilt I've made. It mixes batiks and orientals. I gave it to my mother-in-law, but I wish I had it back...its my favorite!
Name of Maker: Stephanie McCormick
Rhapsody - After attending Ricky's seminar in Grand Rapids, I rushed home with his wonderful dyed fabric and tried my best to follow his instructions. I'm a piecer normally so the machine applique was a real challenge. This quilt is 33x33 and has more thread in the quilting than any quilt I've ever worked on.
Bright Crooked Path
Name of Maker: Me
Bright Crooked Path - Vibrant oranges, rusts, and yellows in a zig-zag block design.
Grandma's Sampler
Name of Maker: Chris
Grandma's Sampler - I took a hand piecing class. We were taught 4 blocks, but I just kept going.

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