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Name of Maker: Keith Dommer

Inspired by lantern-style interlocking tiles, Alien Eyes II was machine appliqued from colorful scraps and machine quilted.  Alien Eyes II took first place in the Modern Quilt category at the 2019 Tucson Quilters Guild annual show Quilt Fiesta!


Name of Maker: Keith Dommer

Alien Eyes is my first try at a quilt in the modern style - interesting, clean, and simple with a focus on negative space. The quilting is important but not overwhelming. The eyes' center design was taken from Hajime Ouchi's book Japanese Optical and Geometric Art.  

Alien Eyes was published in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited.

Name of Maker: Keith Dommer

Vintage quilting patterns can become wonderful applique! A feathered wreath is machine appliqued as the central medallion. Bordering clamshells,other scallops, and squares are also machine appliqued.

Name of Maker: Keith Dommer

Creating Mod Blotches during many visits to Mom's house over the last few years was joyful and comforting, just like the quilt itself. Fabrics from both our fabric libraries found their way into this somewhat traditional, somewhat modern scrap quilt.

Name of Maker: Dottie Sartin
Wanted bright, cheerful and springtime colors so I designed this quilt and pulled fabric from my stash to make it.
Name of Maker: Susan Hammon

Our guild fabric challenge last year was a bee fabric.  After exploring lots of different design options, I decided to use the back side of the bee fabric and then use the fabric in the pieced background.

Name of Maker: Susan Hammon

I used lots of different Freda Kahlo commercial fabrics, then I cut them up and made a collage using different parts of these fabrics

Name of Maker: Debra Huewe

My first block of the month using embroidery and raw edge (boiled) wool.  This was my first quilt ever! and so far the only one that I've made myself.

Name of Maker: Dottie Sartin

Quilt design is taken from Spring Fantasy pattern in "Floral Applique: Original Desingns and Techniques for Medallion Quilts" by Nancy Pearson, that I modified and arranged to fit the design I had in mind.
The quilt was originally started about 20 years ago, and after completing about 2/3'rds of the appliques it had to be set aside and was placed in storage for many years.  Two years ago I rescued it from storage and started working on it again while my husband was undergoing chemo.  I had completed the applique and the quilting on the center medallion and about 1/2 of the innner border when once again it was set aside when my husband died.
I recently started quilting on it again and completed the inner border quilting and have started on the second border quilting.
It is all hand appliqued and heavily hand quilted.

Name of Maker: Cathy Price
My first bargello...made from stash only.
Name of Maker: Nancy Brazwell

This quilt was based on a photo of my great niece. She and her horse are so sweet together. raw edge applique, thread painting..

Name of Maker: Anne-Marie Tye

This was made for the Suitcase Collection of the Contemporary Quilters Groups of the QGBI.  The theme was On The Road.For most of human history the easiest way to travel was by sea, as roads, where they existed, were often rutted and muddy.  The Romans, who actually could build land roads, even called one of their trade routes the Via Maris. Some travelled to a new life, some to trade or steal and later just to see the world.  The 2 vessels are Viking Dragon ships.

Name of Maker: Phyllis Coppolino

Collage and thread play art quilt

Name of Maker: Heather Lynn Gomez

This is my masterpiece that was completed last year so it could be entered in AQS shows, first time entering,not accepted anywhere. Our Florida Keys Quilters guild was going to have our show on the 21st and 22nd but of course it was cancelled. Luckily the judge from Key West saw and judged our quilts on the 10th so I actually got comments for the first time. Now it is on display at our computer store in Tavernier and I wanted my TQS family to see it finally. I threw every ting I know on this quilt and it was very fun to make!

Name of Maker: Christine Rohn Hartman

This quilt is inspired by the art of the Tlingit of SE Alaska and portrays a raven surrounded by two female salmon.  I have worked as a ranger and now as a tour guide in Alaska, and appreciate the native artwork and its significance to the culture of the Tlingit people.  The pattern is by  Lisa Moore using artwork by Tommy Joseph.  Traditionally the Tlingit use shell beads to embellish their fiber art, however I didn't want to introduce another color to the quilt, so I used red buttons with black beads sewn onto the 98 black fabric circles, and then larger black buttons to embellish the eyes.  

Name of Maker: Christine Rohn Hartman

Seas the Day was made with blue nautical fabrics from my fabric stash.   It was made without a pattern after seeing a photo of a similar quilt.   I found out after the fact that it is similar to the Strip Tube Lattice pattern designed by Cozy Quilts, however I made modifications by adding a blue strip around the inside squares.   It was machine quilted by Ellen Abshier of Cottonwood, CA.   It was the first time I've used the strip tube method, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to making some more quilts that way.

Name of Maker: Judy Leathers

Bailey on the sailboat belonging to our son and daughter in law. They adopted Bailey before they bought the boat and he turned out to be a happy sailor.

Background is  photo shoped to "watercolor" and printed on fabric.

Name of Maker: Christine Rohn Hartman

Using a photo I had seen of a Christmas Star quilt, I decided to make my own with some red fabrics in my stash and improvised using a Hawaiian applique inside the center star.  After 40 years of quilting, I finally have my own red and white radiating star quilt that can be used throughout the year and not just at Christmas.  It was machine quilted by Ellen Abshier of Cottonwood, CA using a snowflake design.

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