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Lei Nahele
Name of Maker: Sherri Selden Starr, her Grandmother
Lei Nahele - A soft Fossil-Fern print on Cream Cotton Sateen....Started in late 2003 and then [put away due to moving, putting in yard etc...finished in 2006. This was made with a lot of love for my darling grand-daughter, Stella Melia...she is the light of my life.
Love's Garden
Name of Maker: Carol Irving
Love's Garden - I made this quilt for my niece' wedding, but everyone kept telling me I couldn't give it away!
Making Mischief
Name of Maker: Carol Irving
Making Mischief - I started this in a class, but I never could follow directions. I had to add a cat to one of the baskets, and add the appliqued border.
Red Tulips
Name of Maker: LW
Red Tulips - Quilt design original, tulip applique design original, Friendship star traditional block
Daisy Delight
Name of Maker: LW
Daisy Delight - The first of a series published in The Applique Society Newsletter .
Fuzzy Flowers
Name of Maker: LW
Fuzzy Flowers - Designed in EQ5. Named by granddaughter when she saw the eyelash yarn in the middle of the flowers.
Sweet Treats Close up
Name of Maker: NA
Sweet Treats Close up
The Sun Never Sets/Commonwealth Lost
Name of Maker: Robin Gausebeck
The Sun Never Sets/Commonwealth Lost - I started this quilt in a workshop with Carol Taylor at the National Quilt Museum in May. It was great fun to learn new piecing techniques and we had a terrific group of quilters in the class. The title of the quilt comes from the embellishment trim which features a "coin" with Queen Elizabeth on it. I was reminded of the phrase "The sun never sets on the British Empire", but of course, it did.
The Quilt from He**
Name of Maker: Gypsywind
The Quilt from He**
Red, White, and Blue
Name of Maker: Mary Lu Kaiser
Red, White, and Blue
Let it SNOW
Name of Maker: ME!
Let it SNOW - I saw this wonderful quilt on the front of a book (SnowFlake Follies by Terry Martin) but was disappointed that it was just a Wall quilt. OH My gosh, I even have these fabrics in my stash. Oh the brain went to work and so did my sewing machine. And I created this wonderful King-size quilt. Thanks Terry for the wonderful inspiration!


Name of Maker: Sherri Selden Starr
Ulu - My current WIP---custom-hand-dyed cotton sateen that radiates from clear, bright red to a very deep burgundy....This was custom dyed by Jeanette Viviano of West Linn, Oregon. It took me 7 days to cut and baste this one, and another cuistom-dyed one that is original.... I hope to get all the needle-turn applique done this year...this will be held for Stella Melia...perhaps her Wedding Quilt? Not sure yet....

TQS BOM 2019 "SIZZLE" by Becky Goldsmith

SIZZLE Quilt - Warm

SIZZLE Quilt - Cool


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