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Blest Be the Ties
Name of Maker: Becky Davis
Blest Be the Ties - String quilt made from a block swap. Auctioned for our mission expenses.
Desert Friends
Name of Maker: Becky Davis
Desert Friends - This was one of the first designs I created in EQ5. I made it for my mom, who lives in the desert.
Jellicle Cats
Name of Maker: Barbara Campbell
Jellicle Cats - Made for a challenge to interpret a poem, I chose Song of the Jellicles by T.S. Elliot. "Jellicle cats are black & white, Jellicle cats are rather small, the Jellicle moon is shining bright, Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball."
In Praise of blue and yellow
Name of Maker: Barbara Campbell, Designed by:Yolanda Fundora
In Praise of blue and yellow - Designed to showcase the blue and yellow colorways from my Software fabric line printed by Windham Fabrics. (I'm textile designer Yolanda Fundora.)
Bloom by bloom comes the Summer
Name of Maker: Juanita Yeager
Bloom by bloom comes the Summer - Design based on my drawing of flowers. Juried into AQS and other shows and venues.
Bugle Boy
Name of Maker: Lacy
Bugle Boy - I don't have the pattern anymore and can't remember who designed it. The original pattern had a pieced sky. I changed the sky to a single piece of hand dyed fabric by Mickey Lawler. The elk is done in ultra suede.
Poppy #7
Name of Maker: Juanita Yeager
Poppy #7 - Included in artist solo exhibit. Sold as result of exhibit.
Glorious Garden for Mary
Name of Maker: Lacy
Glorious Garden for Mary - The applique is done by machine embroidery designs from Cactus Punch. Material choice, colors, settings etc. are by Lacy.
Checkered Past
Name of Maker: Lacy
Checkered Past - Started as a practice piece for gentle curved piecing. I liked it and finished it.
Name of Maker: Betty Ann Seeman
"Did He Smile" - This reclining tiger is 44 X 25 made of hand dyed fabrics. The gold is mine, the dark is from TAQS. The original design bamboo behind the tiger required seven different color threads to blend with the background to show the graphic effect of the tiger. FOR SALE $1600
Not Named
Name of Maker: Nicky B.
Not Named - This quilt took me several years to finish. The convergence part was easy, but finishing the borders always slows me down. Two of the fabrics I used were from Jane Sassaman's first fabric line Exotic Gardens (2002). The finished piece now hangs in my studio.
Quilt Queen of Diamonds
Name of Maker: self
Quilt Queen of Diamonds - Quilt Queen of Diamonds was made for a contest given by Viking Sewing Machines and JoAnn Fabrics. I won the grand prize -- a new Viking sewing machine. From that contest, I went on to teach, published a book for beginners on making a quilt from start to finish, travelled to some wonderful cities in the US and gave seminars and classes. This quilt changed my life. "Queen" enabled me to meet terrific, creative women who love quilting as much as I do. ....And I've done my share of passing on quilt pox to anyone not innoculated.
Name of Maker: Betty Ann Seeman
ALWAYS WATCHFUL - This majestic bird is 20.5 X 24, Eagles are often used to represent our country because of their proud bearing and great courage. In the last few years another trait of the eagle has become necessary for our country, Always Watchful. FOR SALE $700.
A Baltimore Fancy
Name of Maker: Reverse Curves Quilt Club
A Baltimore Fancy - Our Walworth quilt group, Reverse Curves, used patterns adapted from Baltimore quilts along with some original designs. Baltimore Fancy was hand quilted in a one-inch grid. It was raffled at our quilt show to benefit the new local Ronald McDonald house. We raised over $7,000 - a donation larger than some corporate gifts that year. The quilt was won by a lady who hung it on the wall of her two-story staircase. A few years later, we were sad to find out that her roof leaked on the quilt. I still have the patterns and hope someday to duplicate it.
Tulip Wall Quilt
Name of Maker: Mary Jones
Tulip Wall Quilt - Block is found at: http://www.quilterscache.com/P/PiecedTulipsBlock.html
Beyond the Dark Side of the Moon
Name of Maker: self
Beyond the Dark Side of the Moon - This was my first "art" quilt and my contribution to a group challenge to use the "Rainbow Collection" (remember that?) It won a local Best of Show judged by well-known quilt teacher and authority, Becky Herdle (my role model). I learned two good lessons from making this quilt: 1) Never hand quilt what won't show, and 2) Don't trust black fabric to remain black. You won't believe how the black starry background fabric turned a purply gray over the years, even though I kept it in my cedar chest.
Fans and Flower Baskets
Name of Maker: Members of the Genesee Valley Quilt Club
Fans and Flower Baskets - An original design by Michele Harer and made by members of Genesee Valley Quilt Club, the oldest, continuously-running quilt club in the US. Every two years, the members make an opportunity quilt for charity. Accepted into AQS in 2004. Pattern is available.
Practically Perfect Applique
Name of Maker: Michele Harer
Practically Perfect Applique - Each block in this quilt shows a different way to applique plus an embellishment technique. It was made to accompany classes by the same name to introduce beginners to the art of applique from iron-on, machine, through to blue ribbon needle turn techniques. I'm presently working on a manuscript for publication. The quilt is not yet quilted because I feel it important to show students how the blocks are constructed and put together. Hmmm, that means I better get going on the quilting!
September Song
Name of Maker: me
September Song - Based loosely on log cabin, the final "block components" are sized with Fibonacci numbers. The appliqued leaves are setacolor painted cottonwood leaves from a nearby park.
Autumn in Central Park
Name of Maker: Same
Autumn in Central Park - This is a class I teach, using strips to fill the paper pieced areas, and invisible appique for the curved edges rather than curved piecing. I think the color selection was just right.