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Name of Maker: Diane Ladue

This quilt was inspired by show 2127 where Ricky demonstrated how he made his own version of an antique Sumter Rose quilt.  I used Cherrywood Hand Dyed fabrics for the flowers and a cheddar for the background (in my world cheddar is a neutral).  I drafted my own pattern and used the Appliquick tools for the applique just like Ricky did (my frieds Joyce Cushing and Sue Chase did a few pieces too just to check out the process).  I used Westalee Circles on Quilts rulers for the Babtist Fan design.  Thaks Ricky for such a great way to try new technichs, it was such fun to make.

Name of Maker: Paula Norris

My Arkansas Garden.  Hand Appliquéd and machine pieced

in 2016 with  four other friends and with the

help and encouragement of Irma Gail Hatcher we started 

on our Conway Album journey .   


Name of Maker: Paula Norris

My Arkansas Garden.  Hand Appliquéd and machine pieced

in 2016 with  four other friends and with the

help and encouragement of Irma Gail Hatcher we started 

on our Conway Album journey .   


Name of Maker: Paula Nortis

Hand Appliquéd and Machine Pieced. Designed by Irma 

Gail Hatcher. Irma Gail is a friend and I appreciate 

all the encouragement and help. Longarm quilted by 

Eddie Landreth.  With 4 other friends we made pur own 

versions of Conway Album.  

Name of Maker: michelle goldsmith

A friend had lost her son to cancer, he was 22 years old.I asked her if she wanted me to make a memory quilt. She wanted 3 one for her , one for her grandson that was 2 months old when his dad died and one for her Husband. 

IJake had been sick for a while and so there wasnt really enough shirts to make one quilt let alone 3 . So I picked out a couple of shirts that worked together for each quilt and then added photos and  racing ribbons, and cards. Then I picked out a few fabric colours that I thought would compliment  the shirts . I then filled in with simple blocks : stars  and  flying geese predominantly. It took a while but I got them done  with the help of a local long armer.

Its funny, as I was making them, I was going through his clothes, photos and memorabilia and I felt close to him. I was afraid that the quilts would be morbid but instead it was like he spoke to loved ones through the quilts. 


Name of Maker: Pam Cozby

Lots of scraps in log cabin blocks bordered with scrappy black and white smashing. 

Name of Maker: Susan Miller

After Christmas with all of the red and green, I'm ready for something different, so I made this wall hanging with snowflakes. It's my own design, made with fusible web, and raw-edge appliqued. I used Forest Frost Glitter II fabrics from Moda. Quilting was simple, with stitch-in-the-ditch in the border, around the snowflakes, and then echoed again. Then I quilted in some falling snowflakes in the background. 

Name of Maker: Chris Hunt

We went on a trip to Istanbul where we were able to visit the beautiful mosques and palaces. The patterns and colours of the tiles are an inspiration and I made this quilt as my homage to the craftsmen who designed and decorated these amazing buildings. I was also inspied by Pat Holly's "Turkish Treasures"

My colour palette came from the tiles and is turquoise, cobalt, navy, white and green. I drafted the patterns by hand using small elements of the tiles and putting different sections together

Name of Maker: Karen Grover
Over the last 9 months I have been keeping a tally sheet of how many days this craziness has gone on.  This wallhanging represents that tally sheet. COVID was made entirely of scraps from my scrap bin and fabric from my stash.  The grid is made up of 2 x 4 rectangles. I purposely did not make color or design decisions, but instead followed the icons I had doodled on my tick sheet.  Some of them comment on the weather while others might indicate what we had to dinner that evening.  I didn't realize we had so much pizza!  All of the items are raw edge cut as I went along and then sewn on using black thread.  It is 38x48.  Along the right hand edge is a strip that contains the statement about the quilt hand printed and quilted using a big stitch.  The rest of the quilt is machined quilted using vertical lines of blue thread.  I found that blue was the one color that seemed not to show up.  I enjoyed using this tally sheet as the basis of the design and the freedom of  just doing it and it represents the craziness of these last months.  Thetally sheet continues and I am not sure what I will use as the deciding factor for not doing it anymore.
Name of Maker: Karen Snedeker

This was a project for a quilting group I am part of.  The pattern is a simple enlargement of the Courthouse Steps block.  Right as I started it, the news came through about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This project morphed into a nod of respect to  her - an admirable woman who taught us all to be upstanding, productive, age with vitality, and fight for life to the end.  It’s all made of scraps, but each was chosen with a meaning to represent some thought about her.  The fiery center block is her as the Flame of Justice.  The colored steps are the great colorful cacophony of America and its people that she supported.  The ghostly pale strips are the people and cases that went before and framed her rulings.  Each of the side strips is matched to the side across from it to represent her quest for equality.  The binding is her black judicial robe with her ever present pearls.  It was a simple quilt to construct, but is one of my favorites.  

Name of Maker: Keith A Dommer

More than 20 years ago, I went to California and surprised Mom at a Road2CA Alex Anderson stars class. The five center medallion stars are from that class. Adding 4 diagonal half star blocks and 4 quarter star blocks created the center diamond. Machine appliqued clamshell corners finish the quilt back into a square. I loved playing with my colorful fabrics on a black ground color!

Name of Maker: Marion Dowell

This is a quilt made for my brother, who spends every weekend that he can in the mountains.  I really enjoyed making this quilt, finding the outdoors themed blocks, and putting it all together, probably because I love the outdoors too!  I quilted it with curclicues and everyso often would make a leaf or a star.  It wasn't until I was phtographing the finished quilt that I discovered the sideways log cabin block.  Well, I'm not fixing that now!  It is a metaphor for life.

Name of Maker: Hannele Wakkari

Bed spread quilt for DD, pattern from the book by Kaffe Fassett: Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts

Name of Maker: Susan Miller

This was my "What was I thinking?" project. I bought a charm pack of florals. I don't do florals, and they had been sitting on my shelf for a couple of years. Why did I buy them? Awesome sale! lol! So, I started playing with them and decided to turn them into a trellis or lattice work thingie. And then it looked so bare. What to do? Inspiration came to me, and I added some vines, leaves and flowers, and a couple of hummingbirds. Everything on top is fused, raw-edge appliqued.