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Name of Maker: Cindy Neville
Chantabientot - Flannel prints completely Caveman pieced. The back is 4 inch squares with a picture of Katie competing in synchronized swimming. Katie has the quilt with her at Truman State University.
Lizzys Tail
Name of Maker: Janis Salcfas
Lizzys Tail
DigiBobbE 1
Name of Maker: Bonnie Lyn McCaffery
DigiBobbE 1 - This quilt was created using designs from my DigiBobbE 1 collection "Ornamental Swirls". DigiBobbE is digitized bobbin embroidery which is a little different from traditional machine embroidery - it's done upside down with the Candlelight Yarn in the bobbin. If you want to see how DigiBobbE is done, check out my VidCast "DigiBobbE With and Without an Embroidery Machine" on my website http://BonnieMcCaffery.com
DigiBobbE 2
Name of Maker: Bonnie Lyn McCaffery
DigiBobbE 2 - DigiBobbE is digitized bobbin embroidery. It's a little different from traditional machine embroidery because it is done upside down with Candlelight in the bobbin. The designs on this quilt came from my second DigiBobbE collection of designs "Woodland Swirls". If you want to see how DigiBobbE is down, take a look at my VidCast "DigiBobbE With and Without and Embroidery Machine" on my website BonnieMcCaffery.com. This quilt took 3rd Place at the 2005 IQA show in Houston, TX
Kaleidoscope in Brights
Name of Maker: myself
Kaleidoscope in Brights - This quilt was made in a class taught by Virginia Walton in Lansing, MI in 2005 through the Capitol City Quilt Guild.
Adam's Yve St. Laurant
Name of Maker: Bonnie Lyn McCaffery
Adam's Yve St. Laurant - Another handpainted face from my "Portrait Quilts: Painted Faces You Can Do" book.
Gone fishin
Name of Maker: Paula
Gone fishin - Don is a fisherman. It was designed to be raw edge - glued to the background, but I added the stitching around all the quilt components. It was the first quilt I just started quilting by going around the appliques, and kept going until I reached the edge.
Blues on Top
Name of Maker: Bonnie Barber
Blues on Top - I used EQ6 to design the block and print the templates and then pieced the Martha Negley prints together. I machine appliqued a center circle on both sides after creating and stitching the sandwiched batting and backing.
Three Hearts table runner
Name of Maker: Diane B Campbell
Three Hearts table runner - Made using the stack and wack technique and mirror imaging the hearts. created 3 hearts blocks and added border.
Eric's Autumn Splendor
Name of Maker: Diane B. Campbell
Eric's Autumn Splendor - One of my first attempts at quilting. It was made for a birthday gift and given to my son Eric. Eric is a licensed certified arborist with the ISA - owns his Tree Care business in Albuquerque, NM

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