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Name of Maker: Betty Jo Tatum

A fantasy quilt imagining a wizards' duel in another place at another time pictured against a turbulent orange sky with an explosive sun.  Watching the duel from the sky are nearly invisible creatures..a phoenix, a little bird, a raven, and a pegasus.  Across the top of the sky fly what quilters may think are flying geese, but in this place, these triangles represent pteradactyls.  Double batted, cotton fabrics, Superior brand threads of multiple weights and Isacord embroidery thread.  Gina Perkes and Lisa Calle rulers were used in the quilting process. The wizards and dragon were painted and then heavily stitched with metallic threads, and the dragon was backed with a  layer of wool batting to achieve some trapunto shaping and then appliqued. 

Name of Maker: Sharon Engel

This quilt certainly was challanging for me, but I perservered and am thoroughly happy with the final result. 

The focus fabric in the center was a Colorado Shop fabric from about 6 years and used all I had on this quilt.

There are hummingbirds, columbines, etc. and I just love it.  In each corner of the quilt I fussy cut 4

hummingbirds for the center of each block.  This quilt will become a wedding present in 2019 after I enter

it into some quilt shows.



Name of Maker: Anne-Marie Tye

This quilt was mad as part of the UK Contedmporary Quilters Challenge 'In Print'.  It is based on the poem of the same name by William Wordsworth which was written in 1802 and printed a few years later. Despite being written over 200 hundred years ago the poem is stll relevant.  On the surface it is a paean to the city.  A dig under the surface reveals rather a critique of the sity where all is show.  As words have different meanings so I have written/quilted them in different styles.


This started out as a piece of white fabric which I I pained and sprayed.  The rest is appliqed and overpainted or just painted.



Name of Maker: Anne-Marie Tye

 A miniature Baltimore Album quilt which I've adapted to fit my home area.  Like Baltimore my 160 year old home in Burray is by the sea. In fact it is part of the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland.  So I substituted my house (minus it's conservatory) for the lovely American buildings often shown on a Baltimore Album quilt and was keen to include the sea motifs.  

All the motifs, apart from the house, were tradition Baltimore ones mostly, but not all, from Elly Sienkiewcz books.  I went through countless patterns looking for ones which were appropriate to miniturise.  

The quilt was entirely made on a domestic machine using turned under applique with my Apliquick tools and stabilser.  It was using them that gave me the condience to try this quilt.  The motifs are enhanced by overpainting. 

Name of Maker: Judy Flether

I wanted to create a pieced Trinity Knot in honor of my Celtic Heritage.

 Most Trinity Knots are applique, but I wanted it to be pieced. The center Trinity Knot measures 27 X 27 inches, and I pieced it with Batik fabric and Quilted on my longarm



Name of Maker: Edie Phillips

This is a confetti and raw edge art quilt.  The idea is from a photo taken on vacation  in Newport Oregon.  I used fabric paint to get all the fabric colors I needed.

The main sections are millions of confetti pieces.  The rope on the post is two demensional.  This is quilted with rayon thread.

Name of Maker: Lotti Deringer

during the summer/autumn 2017 i spent an hour here and there playing with lots of scraps and many bits and pieces - by late autumn i had all the squares to turn into a quilt for my sister-in-law. it was a lot of fun to make and i really love the result.

Name of Maker: Lily Kangas

This quilt was three years in the making. The top didn't take that long, though. It was deciding on the quilting that took the most time. I really wanted it to be special, so I built up my free motion skills on other projects and continued to work on it slowly. It was recently displayed in a local art gallery highlighting my Quilt Guild's 25th Anniversary along with other artists' work. I think its my new favourite!

Name of Maker: Lily Kangas

I have always wanted to use thread painting to depict fireworks. This piece won "Best of Show" in a challenge at a local art gallery in Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada in 2015.  It uses local landmark references such as The Roberta Bondar Pavillion tent and our city hall. The threads I used were Sulky Rayon and Holoshimmer threads for the fireworks.

Name of Maker: Dwynette Valenti

Enthusiastically, as soon as it came out, I began working on the 2009 BOM, Stars for a New Day, but as work and health interfered, I lost interest and set it aside half-done.  Then 3 years ago, when my son announced his engagement to his earliest childhood best friend, I showed it to her, asked if she would like it as a wedding gift, and explained that she would have to patiently wait until it was done.  It needed to be bed-spread sized for a king bed, so I first had to decide how I might make that happen.  She did not want a pillow tuck, either.  Working with the height of their bed, and the sizes of the rows, I began adding to the quilt, first by making a wider spacer that fit perfectly along the 3 edges of the bed, and helps to frame the patchwork and give the eye a place to rest when the quilt is on the bed.  After completing the piecing, I long-arm custom quilted it, adding their names and wedding date in the bottom corners.  The quilt has no less than 5730 pieces of fabric and over 1.14 miles of custom, hand-guided stitching.





Name of Maker: Christine Waddell

I wanted to try making an 8 pointed star and when that was done it sat in a box.Fast forward to 2017 at the Tangled Threads Quilt Guild and we did a quiz to see wwhat kind of block we were. My answers indicated that I was a star block. The challenge: make something with your block hence in my case "star". I took this out of the box and pondered what to do: Medallion quilt Ok I set it on point and got stuck there and did a smaller challenge with my "hunter star" block.
Back at the design wall I desided to use Ricki's curved piecing with freezer paper a modification of the rhapsody concept. The quilt got carried over to our UFO challenge for this year. I added applique pieces to represent fragments flying off my spinning star. (Note: my motto is "Done is better than perfect"

Name of Maker: Christine Waddell

 A quilt begun when Ricki did the Rhapsody lessons and not completed until 2016. I used my Accuquilt cutter to cut the applique. I had started as an entry for our Black and white and one other colour challenge. I finished for our UFO challenge.

Name of Maker: Diane Oster

I wanted to learn how to quilt and this was the pattern I selected as my very first intro into quilting.  I loved the piecing, but not so much the quilting and binding. It has been sitting in my sewing room unfinished for too many years.  I finally decided it was time to get some of my UFOs completed, and this is the first one I worked on.  I used my emboridery machine to do all the quilting, and that was a first as well.  I learned a lot since I started on this quilt, and have ejoyed my journey of quilting. It all started with this quilt.

Name of Maker: Glynne Blaik

I watched Gyleen Fitzgerald on the Quilt Show and bought her book and tool.  I had great fun making this purely from scraps.

Name of Maker: Cris Rohn Hartman

-  I had these chicken blocks for several years and finally was motivated to put them together into a quilt for our 2016 bird-themed quilt show titled, Feather Your Nest With Quilts”.  The blocks are from That Radical Roosters quilt patterns by Florine Johnson.    I found great fabrics to highlight the fun roosters in the quilt.    Quilted by Lori Johnson of Redding.

Name of Maker: Jomama

Still life by the aquarium is part of a series I have designed.  I have enjoyed making still life pieces using vintage doilies and laces. It is pieced and appliqued. The fish in the aquarium are hand painted and all the fabric is dyed by me. 

Name of Maker: Lucy Kise

This quilt is made of feedbacks and vintage fabrics only.  The pattern is from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Double Wedding Ring book.  

The pattern is Bright Lights, BigCity.

Name of Maker: Lucy Kise

‘This is my version of Halo Medallion BOM.  It is made of Halloween fabrics.  

It was a fun quilt to do.  I fussy cut a lot of the triangles and used different fabrics for background.





Name of Maker: Sharyn Mellors

This is a quote from my grandson Aiden as he tried out his new birthday gift.  5 year olds believe anything can be accomplished. A photo from that day was my inspiration. I painted the face and hands and the quilt is hand appliqued. I also hand macraméd the butterfly net so that it would flow free.   As the appliqued boy was being assembled it hung on my design wall next to another partial pieced project, I noticed how well the disappearing hour glass fit with the image and the theme.  At age 13 Aiden thinks the statement was silly. 

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