This week's puzzle is an award winner from last year's International Quilt Festival in Houston.  It is Ambrosia by Gina Perkes of Payson, AZ.  Gina's quilt took First Place Innovative Applique in the 2010 A World of Beauty Exhibition.

Gina has visited TQS before in Episode 308: Artistry on a Long Arm.  In this episode Gina walks you through the process of creating intricate grids and continuous curves.  After watching her step-by-step approach, you'll be a pro in no time.

Ambrosia 36 pieces non-rotating

Ambrosia 100 pieces non-rotating

Ambrosia 110 pieces rotating


It's just a few hours until Halloween so we've chosen a quilt to honor the occasion.  Enjoy EEEEK! from Verna Mosquera of The Vintage Spool (where you can purchase the pattern).

As Verna says, it's creepy and it's spooky, it's all together kooky!

To learn more about Verna and her amazing applique creations, watch Episode 806: Having It All with Hand Applique.

EEEEK! 35 pieces non-rotating

EEEEK! 154 pieces non-rotating

EEEEK! 99 pieces rotating




This week's puzzle is from one of our latest guests, Dianne S. Hire.  She created a curved quilt without templates that is fast to assemble.  It is a Curvaceous Squares quilt. You can learn more about Dianne's methods in Episode 908: Wedgies, Danglers, and Funkies...Oh, My! And look for her book, Vivacious Curvy Quilts where you can find 100 photos of Dianne's work and pieces by her students.

Curvaceous Squares - 36 pieces non-rotating

Curvaceous Squares - 100 pieces non-rotating

Curvaceous Squares - 100 pieces rotating



In honor of PIQF, we are highlighting a quilt by one of our own TQS Members, Sherry Reynolds (aka wyomingquilter).  Sherry's quilt, Christmas All Around, won 1st place traditional in 2010, as well as, the Viewer's Choice award. It most recently won Best Machine Workmanship at the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show 2011.  Sherry said that she designed the quilt on graph paper and wanted to capture the favorite colors, icons, and memories, and the sparkle of Christmas.  The piecing and quilting on this quilt are absolutely stunning.

It is 88" x  88" and was quilted on a 20-year old Bernina 1001.  The sparkle is courtesy of Swarovski crystals.

P.S. Sherry's entries into PIQF this year are equally as stunning, you can see them by clicking here and heading over to the Forum.

Christmas All Around - 35 pieces non-rotating

Christmas All Around - 100 pieces non-rotating

Christmas All Around - 100 pieces rotating



TQS Guest Gina Perkes recently took BEST OF SHOW at the 2011 AQS Quilt Show & Contest - Des Moines
September 28 - October 1, 2011 with her quilt Ambrosia.  This quilt has won several awards including 1st Place - Innovative Applique at the 2010 IQA show in Houston.

Gina visited TQS for Episode 308: Artistry on a Long Arm.  In the episode, Gina walks you through the process of creating intricate grids and continuous curves. Her easy to follow step-by-step instructions will give you the confidence to design your own masterpiece.

Congratulations Gina!

Ambrosia 35 pieces non-rotating

Ambrosia 110 pieces non-rotating

Ambrosia 120 pieces rotating



In honor of Quilting in the Garden this week at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, CA, we have two quilt puzzles, one from each of the two featured artists at the show.  Ladies first, it is Verna Mosquera's, Enchanted Autumn, followed by Rob Appell's, Percula Clownfish, part of the Endangered Species Quilt Project. You can see the work of both these artists in Episode 806: Having it All with Hand Applique featuring Verna Mosquera and Episode 812: Protect our Planet...with Quilts featuring Rob Appell.

Enchanted Autumn - 100 pieces non-rotating

Enchanted Autumn - 100 pieces rotating


Percula Clownfish - 100 pieces non-rotating

Percula Clownfish - 100 pieces rotating


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