This is one of the largest quilts created by Terrie Hancock, generally considered one of the first artists to work in mixed media and embellishment  In the late 1980s she began painting on canvas. Terrie then cut up the canvas and worked them into quilts.  The quilt measures 123" x 99" and was quilted by Sue Rule in 1985.  It is made of cottons and cotton blends, is hand appliqued and machine pieced, reverse appliqued, embroidered, and uses beadwork and other embellishment.  It is in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center.

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Saints1 - 70 pieces non-rotating

Saints2 - 80 pieces rotating






Anthurium was created by Mary Manoi.  The applique was done in 1912 and the quilting in 1939.  It is 84" x 91" According to The Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts, edited by Mary Leman Austin, it is "atypical of Hawaiian quiltmaking in two respects:  it lacks a central motif and it uses four colors, accenting its basic green and cream palette with red and orange-yellow flowers."  The flower is based on the Anthurium, Hawaii's most popular flower.

Anthurium1 - 63 pieces non-rotating

Anthurium2 - 63 pieces rotating



Helen Kelley was inspired by 1976 trip to Norway to create this Renaissance quilt.  It was made in 1983 and is 30" x 70".  She made a study of Norwegian coverlets which revealed the use of geometric patterns much like those in American quilts. Helen studied designs for more than two years and put together detailed drafting designs in order to insure geometric accuracy.  She struggled with finding appropriate fabrics and decided that including calico was required in order to blend the old world with the new. "Renaissance" is an American quilt tapestry which depicts the Christmas story.  It is made up of cottons, machine pieced, hand appliqued and quilted.  It is in the collection of the Minnesota Historical Society.

Renaissance1 - 70 pieces non-rotating

Renaissance2 - 80 pieces rotating




Double Mexican Wedding Rings #4 was designed and pieced by Nancy Crow and quilted by Marie Moore. It was created in 1989-90 and measures 72" x 72"  It is made up of cottons and machine pieced and hand quilted. The quilt is in the collection of John Walsh III.  This quilt is from an earlier period of Nancy's career when she used templates and commercially printed fabrics.  From 1990 on she worked improvisationally and would just cut into the fabric and let it see where its inspiration would take her.

WeddingRing1 - 72 pieces non-rotating

WeddingRing2 - 72 pieces rotating



The Bible Scenes quilt was made by a member of the Drake Family around 1900.  It is 71" x 76" and is in the Collection of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia.  The two scenes depicted are "Adam and Eve," and "The Crucifixion."  Some of the symbolism in the quilt is not clear.  The quilt is made of cotton, hand appliqued, pieced, and quilted with feed sacks on the back.  It is difficult to know who made the quilt as census records for African-Americans in the South were not officially recorded at the time. 

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BibleScenes1 - 90 pieces non-rotating

BibleScenes2 - 80 rotating




This quilt was created in 1978 by the talented Michael James.  It is called "Aurora" and measures 96" x 108." Aurora is part of a series of sky-themed quilts.  It is an abstract composition which breaks through the traditional idea of a drunkard's path block.  Michael was inspired by the French painter/designers, Robert and Sonia Delaunay.  This quilt is in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center.

Aurora 1 - 80 pieces non-rotating

Aurora 2 - 80 pieces rotating



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