This wonderful quilt was created by Brian Haggard.  Buttons are quite a passion with Brian and he's the current president of the Indianopolis Button Club.  In this quilt however, he created the images of the buttons on this quilt by using his computer. He put the buttons face down on his scanner bed and arranged them with old scissors and needles cases. He then printed his "fabric."  You can read more about it on Brian's blog.

You can watch Brian in Episode 1106: "Go Crazy" for (Contemporary) Crazy Quilts debuting on 9/10.


Button Button - 35 pieces non-rotating

Button Button - 35 pieces rotating

Button Button - 99 pieces non-rotating

Button Button - 99 pieces rotating

Button Button - 300 pieces non-rotating

Button Button - 300 pieces rotating



Colossal Scrolls from Cara Gulati (photographed by Gregory Case) was the quilt that started her 3-D Explosion series.  Cara says, " Playing with swirls and perspective really inspires me to make lots of great quilt designs."  The quilt is quite large measuring 87" x 108" and was completed in 2002.

Cara's book, 3-D Explosion: Simply FABULOUS Art Quilt Illusions is available on her website, www.doodlepress.com, but is GOING OUT OF PRINT.  If you want a copy, order soon.

Colossal Scrolls - 35 pieces non-rotating

Colossal Scrolls - 99 pieces non-rotating

Colossal Scrolls - 99 pieces rotating

Colossal Scrolls - 300 pieces non-rotating

Colossal Scrolls - 300 pieces rotating



To work the new puzzle, Colossal Swirls, click here.


This bold, colorful quilt, Star Gazer, is the latest art quilt from Cara Gulati.  Completed in 2012 it is a large quilt, 92" x 74."  A wonderful mix of stripes and curves adds dimension and delight to the joyful design.

You can learn how Cara does it in Episode 1105 - Curves Ahead...and More! debuting August 27, 2012.


Star Gazer - 35 pieces non-rotating

Star Gazer - 99 pieces non-rotating

Star Gazer - 99 pieces rotating

Star Gazer - 300 pieces non-rotating

Star Gazer - 300 pieces rotating


Here's a large quilt from our latest instructor in the TQS Classroom, Laura Nownes.  The Big Tumble is is an oversized version (72" x 82") of a classic pattern.  It features y-seam construction and is appropriate for an intermediate level quiltmaker.  If you'd like to make the pattern yourself, click here to purchase from Laura.

If you need a little help with that Y-seam construction, watch Episode 710 - Conquering the Y-seam Tumble where Laura shares her simple, two-pin technqiue for stitching a Y-seam.

The Big Tumble - 289 pieces rotating

The Big Tumble - 36 pieces non-rotating

The Big Tumble - 100 pieces non-rotating

The Big Tumble - 289 pieces non-rotating

The Big Tumble - 100 pieces rotating




Just found out that one of Ricky's quilts has been selected as a finalist for 2012 Quilts: A World of Beauty at the Houston International Quilt Festival. Since we don't want to ruin the suprise, (you'll have to wait until Houston to see the quilt) we thought we'd show you Ricky's award-winning quilt from 2010. Asternoon Delight won an Honorable Mention in the Digital Imagery category sponsored by C&T Publishing.

Here's what Ricky has to say about this quilt.

Alternately it is called Alight Lunch or Kiss my Aster. I took a photo and then used Photoshop to stylize it. It was then printed full size (44" x 36") on my Epson 11880, then stitched/quilted with a variety of colors of thread.

Asternoon Delight - 35 pieces non-rotating

Asternoon Delight - 99 pieces non-rotating

Asternoon Delight - 99 pieces rotating

Asternoon Delight - 300 pieces non-rotating

Asternoon Delight - 300 pieces rotating


This week's puzzle is Jan Krentz' Safari.  This is a wonderful Lone Star quilt featuring large pre-printed African pillow panels and coordinating animal fur prints.  It was created in 2000 and measures 64" x 64." If you'd like to make a similar quilt, you'll find the pattern in Jan's book, Lone Star Quilts & Beyond published by C&T Publishing.

If you'd like to see Jan in action, watch Episode Episode 1103: The Skinny on Stripes.

Safari - 36 pieces - non-rotating

Safari - 100 pieces non-rotating

Safari - 100 pieces - rotating

Safari - 300 pieces - non-rotating

Safari - 300 pieces - rotating


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