The top 100 puzzle quilt this week, Ray of Light, by TQS favorite Jinny Beyer, may be one of the most recongizable on the planet. Jinny's quilt was chosen as the winner of The Great American Quilt contest sponsored by Good Housekeeping, the U.S. Historical Society, and the Museum of American Folk Art to celebrate the US Bicentennial. Almost 10,000 quilts were entered into the contest. The quilt is made from Indonesian batiks and American cottons. It is hand-pieced and hand quilted and is part of Jinny's personal collection. It was completed in 1977 and measures 80" x 91". The Hindi translation of "Ray of Light" is Kiran, which is also the name of Jinny's daughter.

To learn more about the quilt, visit Jinny's site at www.jinnybeyer.com.

You can also watch Jinny on The Quilt Show in Show 601: Perfect Your Hand Piecing and Show 313: TQS Quilting Legend 2008.

Ray of Light - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

Ray of Light - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

Ray of Light - 100 Pieces Rotating



Bear West is Alex's award winning quilt. Boasting Best of Show in a regional show, it granted her young family the opportunity to take a trip to Orlando, Florida (Disneyworld)!  Ask Alex the story someday of how this quilt got its name and she'll remind you to always pay attention to the rules when submitting a quilt to a show (she didn't).  We give you a little puzzle hint below if you need it.

Bear West - 35 pieces non-rotating

Bear West - 110 pieces non-rotating

Bear West - 110 pieces rotating


Here's a little sneak peek of a small portion of the quilt.



This week's puzzle is an award-winning quilt from Sarah Vedeler.  It won an honorable mention in Paducah and 1st prize at Houston in the Computer Aided Machine Embroidery category.   The Houston show was the first show in which Sarah had entered a quilt. The cool thing is that you can make this quilt too!  GO! Be Dazzled utilizes AccuQuilt GO! dies and they can be found on the GO! Be Dazzled CD.  Click here to learn more.

To learn more about Sarah, watch Episode 904: The Wonderful World of Embroidered Applique posting Monday, August 15, 2011.

GO! Be Dazzled - 36 pieces non-rotating

GO! Be Dazzled - 110 pieces non-rotating

GO! Be Dazzled - 110 pieces rotating



Created in 1999, Baskets by Velda Newman. is a prime example of her ability to create a work of art inspired by ordinary objects found in the everyday world.  The quilt is 42" x 44" and you can see another view of it in the Behind the Scenes slideshow for Episode 903.

To see how Velda creates her art, watch Episode 903 - Realistic Imagery: How Does She Do it? 

Also available from C & T Publishing is Velda's book, A Workshop with Velda Newman, "Take inspiration from nature, then use color, shape, and texture to translate the world around you into amazing works of quilted art!"

To go to Velda's website, click here.


Baskets: 36 pieces non-rotating

Baskets: 100 pieces non-rotating

Baskets: 100 pieces rotating



This week's puzzle, Puzzling Memories, was created by Peggy Mages and was part of the "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece" traveling exhibit, a 54-quilt traveling exhibit about Alzheimer's, sponsored by the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiate (AAQI).  The exhibit has now been retired and the quilt will be auctioned off, along with other quilts from the exhibit, beginning Monday, August 1, 2011.  All proceeds will fund Alzheimer's research.

To learn more about the quilt and its maker, click here.

To learn more about the auction, click here.

Puzzling Memories 35 pieces non-rotating

Puzzling Memories 100 pieces non-rotating

Puzzling Memories 100 pieces rotating




This week's quilt is Ancient Directions by Alison Goss, created in 1990.  Having lived in many places, Alison has always been inspired by her surroundings.  According to The Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts, edited by Mary Leman Austin, Alison states, "I made this quilt about nine months after an extended stay in the San Juan Mountains in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest.  I was overwhelmed, and still am, by the beauty and meaning of this area.  I tried to put as much of my feeling as possible into Ancient Directions." 

Joen Wolfrom, in her book, The Magical Effects of Color says, "Some spectacular examples of contemporary quilts with vague traditional roots include: Ancient Directions by Alison Goss with its dimensional design based on a simple diagonal four-patch."

However you feel about Ancient Directions, you can't help but be drawn into depths and beauty.

The quilt is 80" x 67"  It uses hand-painted and commercial cottons and is machine pieced and quilted.  It is in the collection of the National Quilting Museum.

Ancient Directions 35 non-rotating

Ancient Directions 100 non-rotating

Ancient Directions 100 rotating




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