Susan became very interested in a band that she discovered through NPR known as The David Wax Museum. The band combines American folk, Mexican son, and bits of bluegrass and the blues. After watching one of the band's videos she decided to create a work that illustrated the band.  There is, of course, quite a bit more to the story of David Wax Museum: 3 of potholders (Coins) in the Kitchen Tarot.

The quilt was begun 4-29-12 and finished on 6-9-12 and is 60.25" x 76.25" It is a whole cloth, painted quilt. To learn the whole story behind the quilt, click here.

Click here to visit Susan's website.

David Wax Museum - 35 pieces non-rotating

David Wax Museum - 100 pieces non-rotating

David Wax Museum - 100 pieces rotating

David Wax Museum - 300 pieces non-rotating

David Wax Museum - 300 pieces rotating



Hearts Alive #2 is one of Sonya Lee Barrington's latest pieces of silk work.  It is a small piece measuring only 12" x 12."  It is made of dupioni silk, machine pieced, and hand appliqued.  Sonya hand quilted it with copper metallic thread and embellished it with Mother of Pearl vintage buttons, glass beads and other objects.  It hangs freely from a stand created from copper tubing.

To see more of Sonya's work, please visit her website or watch her in Episode 1012: Beyond Cotton: Working with Wool and Silk.

Hearts Alive #2 - 36 pieces non-rotating

Hearts Alive #2 - 100 pieces non-rotating

Hearts Alive #2 - 100 pieces rotating

Hearts Alive #2 - 289 pieces non-rotating

Hearts Alive #2 - 289 pieces rotating



In Episode 1012 - Beyond Cotton: Working with Wool and Silk with Sonya Lee Barrington, Sonya demonstrates how to work with wool while showing Ricky how to make a purse out of a jacket.  This quilt is also a "re-cycled" piece.  The quilt top is 100% recycled wool and the buttons are recycled as well. It is machine pieced; hand embroidered and hand quilted. The back is new Pendelton® wool and the batting is wool as well.  The quilt measures 48" x 72".

The Jigsaw site changed the look.  You can increase the puzzle to full screen by clicking the little box and arrow icon in the lower right corner.  You can see it in the picture below.

After you make it full screen use the gear icon to rescatter the pieces.


You can see more of Sonya's work at www.sonyaleebarrington.com.

Wool Work - 35 pieces non-rotating

Wool Work - 96 pieces non-rotating

Wool Work - 96 pieces rotating

Wool Work - 300 pieces non-rotating

Wool Work - 300 pieces rotating



Alex began this quilt in a Charlotte Warr Andersen class at Asilomar.  She didn't want to do the face of a person, so she decided on the eagle.  It measures 66" x 72" and is pieced and appliqued.  It is her own original design and unfortunately, no pattern is available.

Made in America - 35 pieces non-rotating

Made in America - 99 pieces non-rotating

Made in America - 99 pieces rotating

Made in America - 300 pieces non-rotating

Made in America - 300 pieces rotating



Carol Ann Waugh is known for her Stupendous Stitching quilts (see Episode 1011), but she has other types of work that are just as staggering in their beauty, color and design such as Yellow Submarine. This quilt is 28" x 25" and has been juried into a number of exhibits and published in books and magazines including:

Juried into 1,000 Artisan Textiles, Quarry Books, 2010
Juried into Art Quilts Lowell, Lowell, MA
Juried into Connecting Threads, Front Range Contemporary Quilters, CO
Featured in Artscape: New England's Culture Magazine, October 7, 2007|
Juried into Fusion, Fremont Center for the Arts, CO
Juried into the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Festival, NM
Featured in the book "A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color & Composition"

Yellow Submarine - 36 pieces non-roating

Yellow Submarine - 100 pieces non-rotating

Yellow Submarine - 100 pieces rotating

Yellow Submarine - 300 pieces non-rotating

Yellow Submarine - 300 pieces rotating



TQS Member, Diane Phillips (MadisonMtn) combined Toni Whitney's "Spirit" Eagle with Ricky Tims Desert Visions Rhapsody Quilt.  This turned out to be a winning combination as Spirit Landing won second place in the 1st Entry in an AQS Paducah Contest sponsored by the YLI Corporation at the AQS Paducah show.  The quilt is 50" x 50" and was made from cotton fabrics.  It is machine pieced, appliqued, and quilted.

Congratulations Diane!

Spirit Landing - 36 pieces non-rotating

Spirit Landing - 100 pieces non-rotating

Spirit Landing - 100 pieces rotating

Spirit Landing - 289 pieces non-rotating

Spirit Landing - 289 pieces rotating


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