We're having a little bit of Halloween fun with Boo! exhibited at PIQF 2013 as part of the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit.  Carole writes, "Inspired by Mary Lou Weidman's style, this witch has a happy attitude as she sprinkles magic dust."

Boo! - 35 pieces non-rotating

Boo! - 96 pieces non-rotating

Boo! - 96 pieces rotating

Boo! - 300 pieces non-rotating

Boo! - 300 pieces rotating



Karlyn's quilt, The Monumental Way, helped her escape a long snowy winter.  Here's what she has to say,

"I don't know how one could take a class or read a book of Katie Pasquini Masopust and not say "I have to try it"! Escaping from a very long, snow filled, cold winter I went to the Studio to create the warmth of the desert. Fallert's gradations gave life to my vision."

Karlyn's quilt won 3rd place, large wall, pictoral at AQS Paducah 2012.

The Monumental Way - 35 pieces non-rotating

The Monumental Way - 99 pieces non-rotating

The Monumental Way - 99 pieces rotating

The Monumental Way - 300 pieces non-rotating

The Monumental Way - 300 pieces rotating



Caryl's quilt, Leap, was inspired by a life-changing commitment.

She writes, "The design for this quilt was developed after I made a commitment to a new life partner, and also to spending half of my time in the Pacific Northwest. While I was excited about starting a new chapter in my life, I also felt like I was leaping into the great unknown."

It is part of 30 Quilts for 30 Years: Solo, a traveling exhibition celebrating 30 years of making art quilts.

You can learn about Caryl's design inspiration and process by clicking here.

Leap - 36 pieces non-rotating

Leap - 100 pieces non-rotating

Leap - 289 pieces non-rotating

Leap - 100 pieces rotating

Leap - 289 pieces rotating



Spirogyra #2 by Caryl Bryer Fallert was inspired by photo taken through a microscope of spirogyra, a single cell, filamentous algae, commonly known as pond scum. 

This entire quilt is a study in intersecting color and value gradations. The four fabrics  are from Cryl's Gradations collection for Benartex. The dots are quilted in a pebbly pattern with heavy (#30) top stitching thread from the Superior Brytes collection. She matched the color of the background fabric behind each dot, so the pebbles appear to float. The wavy background stripes were quilted in matching colors (three shades of each color) with fine (#60) thread from the Superior Bottom Line collection.

Caryl used her Applipiecing technique to create the quilt. You can see photos of how she put this quilt together on her website, click here.

You can watch Caryl in Episode 1308 - Techniques, Tips...and a Very Special Tour for Quilters which debuts on October 7.

Spirogyra #2 - 36 pieces non-rotating

Spirogyra #2 - 100 pieces non-rotating

Spirogyra #2 - 289 pieces non-rotating

Spirogyra #2 - 100 pieces rotating

Spirogyra #2 - 289 pieces rotating



This week's puzzle, Positive Energy 4 - was created using Karen's "layered Curves and Peaks" technique. 

“Layered Curves" (aka Layered Waves) makes curves faster and easier to do than curved piecing and unlike the raw edges in fabric collage, the edges in “Layered Curves” are neat and tidy.  It is also the subject of her books  "Layered Waves" (2009) and "Wearable Waves" (2012). Dramatic angles and points can be also be made using this technique, which contrast beautifully with the flowing lines.

Watch Karen in Episode 1109 - Accidental Landscapes

Positive Energy 4 - 35 pieces non-rotating

Positive Energy 4 - 99 pieces non-rotating

Positive Energy 4 - 300 pieces non-rotating

Positive Energy 4 - 99 pieces rotating

Positive Energy 4 - 300 pieces rotating



Alex says, "Scrap quilts rule in my book! This quilt celebrates the entirety of my vast fabric collection."  Want to make your own scrap quilt, check out Alex's new book.

Here's one of her scrappy works - How many fabrics can you count?




Scrappy Bowties - 36 pieces non-rotating

Scrappy Bowties - 100 pieces non-rotating

Scrappy Bowties - 100 pieces rotating

Scrappy Bowties - 289 pieces non-rotating

Scrappy Bowties - 289 pieces rotating

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