Fashion Lines by Gloria Hansen was exhibited as part of the Digital Imagery exhibition sponsored by C&T Publishing at IQF Houston 2013.

Artist's Statement: This piece is based on torn images from fashion magazines that I collaged together and then photographed.  The photographs were digitally combined, manipulated, and then printed onto silk fabric. I used some acrylic paint and fabric pastel to add shading and then machine quilted the piece.

Gloria is the author of Digital Essentials and Gloria Hansen: An Evolution in Stitches, Paint & Pixels.  Click here to visit Gloria's website.

Fashion Lines - 35 pieces non-rotating

Fashion Lines - 100 pieces non-rotating

Fashion Lines - 300 pieces non-rotating

Fashion Lines - 100 pieces rotating

Fashion Lines - 300 pieces rotating




In honor of the changing of the seasons...Thanksgiving to Christmas...here is Snow Dance from TQS member Becky Kelher.  Becky's quilt won an honorable mention in the Digital Imagery category at IQF Houston in 2008.

Click here to learn more about Becky's quilt.

Snow Dance - 36 pieces non-rotating

Snow Dance - 100 pieces non-rotating

Snow Dance - 289 pieces non-rotating

Snow Dance - 100 pieces rotating

Snow Dance - 289 pieces rotating



The puzzle this week is Lyric Kinard's Progress.  It is one of her abstract designs. Click here to  see more of Lyric's work.  You can watch Lyric in Episode 1311: Mixed Media and the ABCs of Good Design. The episode debuts, Monday, November 25.


Progress - 32 pieces non-rotating

Progress - 98 pieces non-rotating

Progress - 98 pieces rotating

Progress - 300 pieces non-rotating

Progress - 300 pieces rotating



This week's puzzle is a beautiful quilt by Harumi Asada, Just Splendid.  It is computer printed, hand-pieced, appliqued and quilted.  

She writes, "Many kinds of flowers bloom in the yard of my home every year.  Times may be difficult, but the flowers still have beautiful blooms. I took pictures and printed them on cloth, and I inserted them in the applique of a flower."

Harumi's quilt was part of the In Full Bloom exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2013.

Just Splendid - 36 pieces non-rotating

Just Splendid - 100 pieces non-rotating

Just Splendid - 289 pieces non-rotating

Just Splendid - 100 pieces rotating

Just Splendid - 289 pieces rotating



Everyone fell in love with this quilt at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Virginia had been working on the quilt on and off for over 10 years!  It is created from recycled ties and silk tie remnants from the Robert Talbott tie company.  She even used Hobbs silk batting.  Her design source is Karen Stone's pattern, "Untitled."

Recycled Silk Ties - 36 pieces non-rotating

Recycled Silk Ties - 100 non-rotating pieces

Recycled Silk Ties - 289 pieces non-rotating

Recycled Silk Ties - 100 pieces rotating

Recycled Silk Ties - 289 pieces rotating



Pat Holly made this quilt for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (www.AlzQuilts.orgCelebrity Invitational Quilt Auction which begins November 1.  This quilt measures 15" x 15."

Artist Statement: When I found out this would be the last year for the celebrity auction, I thought about the previous little quilts I have made. I designed this quilt using elements from these previous quilts, kind of like little bits of memory. I think about those suffering from Alzheimer's and how they are left with just bits of memories.

The auction is a rare opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind work of art and benefit the AAQI. This year's participants include some of the giants of quilting, many of whom have joined us here at TQS.  The auction will be held the first 10 days of November.  Click here for more details and to see the quilts.

Miniature Memories - 36 pieces non-rotating

Miniature Memories - 100 pieces non-rotating

Miniature Memories - 100 pieces rotating

Miniature Memories - 289 pieces non-rotating

Miniature Memories - 289 pieces rotating


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