Here's a quilt with plenty of color from Michelle Jackson. Here's what Michelle says about the quilt, "Adobe Sun Dance depicts an old adobe at Sky City on the Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico as the late afternoon sun dances through viegas onto the exposed adobe bricks.This dance is emphasized here through the unusual use of color. I worked around the color wheel starting with violet at the top and ending with yellow-green at the bottom. Notice how the sunlight color becomes the compliment of the color of the surrounding adobes."

The quilt is 40" x 32 and is made from 100% cotton fabrics using fused applique.  It has been shown at A World of Beauty 2006, PIQF 2008 and NM Fabrications, State Capital Rotunda Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

Don't forget to head on over to Michelle's TQS Classroom beginning March 27, 2012 to see her lessons on color.


Adobe Sun Dance - 35 pieces non-rotating

Adobe Sun Dance - 99 pieces non-rotating

Adobe Sun Dance - 99 pieces rotating

Adobe Sun Dance - 300 pieces non-rotating

Adobe Sun Dance - 300 pieces rotating



To wrap up St. Patrick's Day and International Quilting Weekend, we've selected a wonderful, award-winning quilt created by Denise Havlan, denisehavlan, one of our TQS members.  The quilt is Celtic Creed and the center celtic cross iimagery is hand-painted.  It measures 53" x 62" and is appliqued and quilted on a domestic machine.  Denise says "I knew that one day I would do a quilt do celebrate my heritage."  We think she did a spectacular job!

Click here to visit Denise's website.

Celtic Creed - 35 pieces non-rotating

Celtic Creed - 100 pieces non-rotating

Celtic Creed - 100 pieces rotating

Celtic Creed - 300 pieces non-rotating

Celtic Creed - 300 pieces rotating



In honor of St. Patrick's Day the puzzle this week is by Denise Labadie.  St. Kevin's Monastery II is a quilt of the Trinity Church.  One of seven church ruins in St. Kevin's Monastery City, Glendalough, Co., Wicklow, Ireland. The quilt is 55" x 66" and is made from 100% cotton hand-dyed/hand painted.  It is pieced, appliqued and quilted on a domestic machine.  You can visit the quilt at the ShawCramerGallery.com on Martha's Vineyard.

You can see more of Denise's work at her TQS account at DeniseLabadie or her website www.labadiefiberart.com/

If you are a Star Member you can learn more about the quilts of Denise Labadie, click here for Episode 106 - A Touch of Ireland.

St. Kevin's Monastery II - 35 pieces non-rotating

St. Kevin's Monastery II - 99 pieces non-rotating

St. Kevin's Monastery II - 99 pieces rotating

St. Kevin's Monastery II - 300 pieces non-rotating

St. Kevin's Monastery II - 300 pieces rotating



This week's puzzle selected from the Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts, is March Study.  It is Nancy Crow's "lucky quilt."  It was the quilt that earned recognition for her from The American Craft Museum in New York.  In 1980, the museum displayed her quilt in the front window and on the cover of their magazine.  In 1993, they honored Nancy with a solo exhibition and in 1999 she was named a Fellow of the American Craft Council.

March Study was made in 1979 and is 80" x 80."  It is made from cottons and is machine pieced and hand quilted by Mrs. Levi Mast.

Here is a snippet from Nancy's artist statement on her website:

The purpose of my quilts is to make something beautiful for me but at the same time they are a means of expression representing my deepest feelings and my life experiences. In addition, my quilts are all about how I see color and color relationships; how I see shapes; and how I see line and linear movements. They are also about complexity, sadness, and hope.

My style of quiltmaking is contemporary in that I want to express my experiences now and not copy old quilts. They are traditional only in that they are pieced and hand-quilted.

To learn more about Nancy, click here to visit her website. 

March Study - 36 pieces non-rotating

March Study - 36 pieces rotating

March Study - 100 pieces non-rotating

March Study - 100 pieces rotating

March Study - 289 pieces non-rotating

March Study - 289 pieces rotating



Grape Harvest was Best of Show at Road to California 2009.  It was made by Gina Perkes, Lynn Drennen, Jessie Marinas and Marilyn J. Smith and quilted by Gina.  It was completed in 2008 and is an original design. The quilt measures 96" x 62."

Artist statement: This quilt depicts a day in the life of vineyard workers as they harvest grapes. The "Grape Harvest" was created using a variety of machine techniques including: pintucking, Broderie Perse, threadplay, and freehand quilting.

Grape Harvest - 35 pieces non-rotating

Grape Harvest - 96 pieces non-rotating

Grape Harvest - 96 pieces rotating

Grape Harvest - 299 pieces non-rotating

Grape Harvest - 299 pieces rotating

You can watch Gina in Episode 308: Artistry on a Long Arm and Episode 1005: "Twofer" the Money: Terrific Time Saving Techniques featuring Pat Yamin and Gina.



Longing for the Past - 54" x 31" by Nancy Prince -  Thread is the tie that binds this quilt together. Approximately 12,000 yards of thread, over 100 thread colors and clost to 3 million stitches are intertwined throughout the thread painted designs.  No embroidery cards were used.  Hand painted fabric was used for the background and painted quilt bias binding created each individual board of siding on the house and chruch. Longing for the Past is a step back into a seemingly simpler moment in time.

Nancy shares a great story about standing near it at a show and overhearing a man who, after reading that the quilt took over 600 hours, said to his wife, "That woman's got way too much time on her hands."

Learn more about Nancy in Episode 1004 - Nancy Prince - Painting with Thread.

Longing for the Past - 32 pieces non-rotating

Longing for the Past - 98 pieces non-rotating

Longing for the Past - 98 pieces rotating

Longing for the Past - 300 pieces non-rotating

Longing for the Past - 300 pieces rotating



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