Birdland is another stunning, wonderful quilt from Laura Wasilowski that reflects a joyful and colorful life. The piece is 40" x 51" and is made from her unique, hand dyed fabrics and machine quilted.  This quilt and others can be found at Laura's website, www.artfabrik.com.

You can enjoy Laura in two different episodes here at TQS.  Episode 303: Fearless Fusing and her latest Episode 1009: "Stamp Out" Fabric

Birdland - 35 pieces non-rotating

Birdland - 35 pieces - rotating

Birdland - 99 pieces non-rotating

Birdland - 99 pieces - rotating

Birdland - 300 pieces non-rotating

Birdland - 300 pieces - rotating




Three Sisters in Autumn by Laura Wasilowski is 33" x 45" and is made from her hand-dyed cotton and silk fabrics. It is machine quilted. Laura's quilts are inspired by her family and friends and she loves to create stories in cloth.

To take a look at more of Laura's quilts, click here.

To see Laura at work, watch her latest Episode 1009 - "Stamp Out" Fabric or Episode 303 - Fearless Fusing.

Three Sisters in Autumn - 35 pieces non-rotating

Three Sisters in Autumn - 99 pieces non-rotating

Three Sisters in Autumn - 99 pieces rotating

Three Sisters in Autumn - 300 pieces non-rotating

Three Sisters in Autumn - 300 pieces rotating


This week's puzzle from Robbi Joy is a little bit different from her usual style.  Created in 2000, This 60" x 64" quilt is a still life in the vibrant colors that Robbi Joy loves. It also won First Place in the Large Art Category at the 2000 IQA show at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

Tea and Empathy - 36 pieces non-rotating

Tea and Empathy - 100 pieces non-rotating

Tea and Empathy - 100 pieces rotating

Tea and Empathy - 289 pieces non-rotating

Tea and Empathy - 289 pieces rotating



Here is Steampunk from Robbi Joy Eklow.  Robbi demonstrates how to make a Steampunk Sun in Episode 1008 - Cogs, Wheels, and Gears...on Quilts?


Steampunk - 35 pieces non-rotating

Steampunk - 35 pieces rotating

Steampunk - 99 pieces non-rotating

Steampunk - 99 pieces rotating

Steampunk - 300 pieces non-rotating

Steampunk - 300 pieces rotating




Pepper Cory traveled the world as a child of a military man.  She knows how difficult it is when someone you love is away from home.  She designed The Road Home quilt for the cover of her friend's, Elaine Gray Dumler, book which was created to help smooth the transition home for those who have been deployed overseas. Pepper is offering the pattern for free as a gift to you.

The quilt is 82" x 82" and the blocks are 6".  Pepper made it in red, navy blue, and sand.

Click here to learn more about the quilt and how to download the pattern.

The Road Home - 36 pieces non-rotating

The Road Home - 100 pieces non-rotating

The Road Home - 100 pieces rotating

The Road Home - 289 pieces non-rotating

The Road Home - 289 pieces rotating


Here's a quilt with plenty of color from Michelle Jackson. Here's what Michelle says about the quilt, "Adobe Sun Dance depicts an old adobe at Sky City on the Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico as the late afternoon sun dances through viegas onto the exposed adobe bricks.This dance is emphasized here through the unusual use of color. I worked around the color wheel starting with violet at the top and ending with yellow-green at the bottom. Notice how the sunlight color becomes the compliment of the color of the surrounding adobes."

The quilt is 40" x 32 and is made from 100% cotton fabrics using fused applique.  It has been shown at A World of Beauty 2006, PIQF 2008 and NM Fabrications, State Capital Rotunda Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

Don't forget to head on over to Michelle's TQS Classroom beginning March 27, 2012 to see her lessons on color.


Adobe Sun Dance - 35 pieces non-rotating

Adobe Sun Dance - 99 pieces non-rotating

Adobe Sun Dance - 99 pieces rotating

Adobe Sun Dance - 300 pieces non-rotating

Adobe Sun Dance - 300 pieces rotating


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