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This quilt was started as a guild challenge with these blocks as samples. These snowmen are so cute, you'll want to make some of your own.


SnowmanPaperDollsbyBengequilter - 36 pieces non-rotating

SnowmanPaperDollsbyBengequilter - 100 Pieces non-rotating

SnowmanPaperDollsbyBengequilter - 289 pieces non-rotating

SnowmanPaperDollsbyBengequilter - 100 pieces rotating

SnowmanPaperDollsbyBengequilter - 289 pieces rotating


The Loading Dock is dedicated to Mary's late husband in homage to his favorite holiday. It was mostly hand stitched while sitting with him during the long chemo treatments. She finished the quilting, through many tears, after he passed. Her husband did see the quilt almost finished.

Mary's quilt was the winner of the NQA 2011 Master Quilt Award and the 2011 IQA "World of Beauty" Award at the Houston International Quilt Festival.

TheLoadingDockbyMaryBuvia - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

TheLoadingDockbyMaryBuvia - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

TheLoadingDockbyMaryBuvia - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

TheLoadingDockbyMaryBuvia - 36 Pieces Rotating

TheLoadingDockbyMaryBuvia - 100 Pieces Rotating

TheLoadingDockbyMaryBuvia - 289 Pieces Rotating


"Duchess Reigns" is a stunning wholecloth quilt by Leah Day.  Star Members can watch Leah in Show 1712: Free Motion Practice Makes Perfect.

DuchessReignsbyLeahDay - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

DuchessReignsbyLeahDay - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

DuchessReignsbyLeahDay - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

DuchessReignsbyLeahDay - 100 Pieces Rotating

DuchessReignsbyLeahDay - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photograph by Gregory Case


This would be an excellent block to use to feature a focus fabric.  Do you know what it's called?  Play the game to find out.


This huge goddess quilt is one of Leah's favorites for the transformation it brought to her life. While working on it, Leah was struck with the idea to start the Free Motion Quilting Project and challenge herself to share new quilting designs every day. In this way, Release Your Light allowed Leah to release her light to the world, build a business, and support her family.

While it may not look like it, this quilt began as a large white bedsheet! The goddess figure was hand appliquéd to the surface, then the entire quilt was quilted. Only after it was completely finished, did she begin painting the surface with Shiva Paintstiks and colored pencils to create the dramatic blazing sun effect.

Star Members can watch Leah in Show 1713: Free-Motion Practice Makes Perfect.

ReleaseYourLightbyLeahDay - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

ReleaseYourLightbyLeahDay - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

ReleaseYourLightbyLeahDay - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

ReleaseYourLightbyLeahDay - 100 Pieces Rotating

ReleaseYourLightbyLeahDay - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photograph by Gregory Case


I love how the pieces interlock.  Do you know what this block is called?  Bet it would look great next to other similar blocks.

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