For this week's quilt puzzle, we are using a quilt by our featured guest, Jo Morton, who is known for vintage inspired quilts.  You can get a peek at this quilt by watching the slideshow; click here to peek.

Liberty Star Sampler 1 - 100 pieces non-rotating

Liberty Star Sampler 2 - 100 pieces rotating




This wonderful hawaiian quilt was created by Hannah Ku'umililani (Hannah Cummings Baker) in 1938.  Hannah is a major figure in the history of Hawaiian quilt-making having begun quilting in the 1920s and continuing through the 1970s.  She was teacher and kept the Hawaiian tradition alive by passing on her knowledge to hundreds of women throughout the islands.  More importantly she collected and designed hundreds of patterns.

Hannah made her designs accessible to the public and encouraged other Hawaiian quilt-makers to share as well, thereby preserving what might have been lost.  

This quilt, Pikake Lei and Tuberose is a break from tradition in that it is a light pattern on a darker, blue/green, background.  It is 86" x 86", made from cotton, hand appliqued and quilted with a machine-stitched edging.

Pikake Lei 1 - 90 Pieces, Non-Rotating

Pikake Lei 2 - 90 Pieces, Rotating



Hannah Hayes Headlee created this quilt betwen 1935-1940.  The quilter is unknown.  Hannah was considered the artist in the family as she made numerous applique quilts and also taught watercolor and china painting in Topeka, Kansas.  She supported herself through her artistic endeavors and married three times. Miss Headlee is remembered as the first women in town to have a bicycle in 1914.  Hannah rarely entered contests because she felt her quilts might be copied and she wanted to remain an "original."  It sounds like she truly was.

Garland 1 - 90 pieces non-rotating

Garland 2 - 90 pieces rotating



Just to change it up a bit, this week we are offering a puzzle with a quilt by Ronda Beyer, our featured guest in Episode 807- Shhh!!! A Prize-winning Quilter Shares Some Secrets.  The quilt is Gypsy Rosalie and it recently won Best Wall Quilt at the 2011 AQS Quilt Show & Contest in Lancaster.  Congratulations Ronda.

Gypsy 1 - 90 pieces - non-rotating

Gypsy 2 - 90 pieces - rotating




This is one of the few quilts in the top 100 made by a man.  It was made by Carl Klenicke in 1900 as a wedding gift for his daughter.  Carl was a tailor and he most likely made the quilt from elegant dress fabric scraps from his shop.  It even includes fabric made from women's veils.  It is thought that the two horses in the center of the quilt represent Carl's home country, Germany.  It is also believed that many of the motifs in the quilt had special meaning to, Laura, Carl's daughter.  It is 72" x 60."

Wedding Quilt 1 - 90 pieces - non-rotating

Wedding Quilt 2 - 90 pieces - rotating




This is one amazing quilt created by Mrs. B. W. Riley in 1939.  Mrs. Riley kept detailed records of the making of this Miniaturized Postage Stamp quilt.  Here are some of the statistics.  Each square measures less than one-half inch, a nine-patch measures one full inch.  The total weight of the quilt is 7 1/2 lbs.  She used 69,649 pieces and 3,694 yards of thread.  It took Mrs. Riley 194 days to make it, not counting the 524 hours to cut it out.  It contains approximately 1,810,874 stitches.  The truly amazing thing is that this is just one of the 200 quilts she made in her lifetime.

Postage1 - 100 pieces, non-rotating

Postage2 - 100 pieces, rotating


TQS BOM 2019 "SIZZLE" by Becky Goldsmith

SIZZLE Quilt - Warm

SIZZLE Quilt - Cool


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