Night Sky was a commissioned project for Teresa. The unusual fabrics for this quilt were found at Goodwill, but we are sure you just might have some in your home as well.

Watch Teresa in Show 2410 to discover what materials were used in this quilt.

NightSkybyTeresaCoates - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

NightSkybyTeresaCoates - 96 Pieces Non-Rotating

NightSkybyTeresaCoates - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

NightSkybyTeresaCoates - 35 Pieces Rotating

NightSkybyTeresaCoates - 96 Pieces Rotating

NightSkybyTeresaCoates - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Teresa collaborated with her boyfriend, Hawke Hamilton, to make the uplifting quilt, Ascension. It's based on one of his paintings and even includes a pair of his jeans.

Watch Teresa in Show 2410.

AscensionbyTeresaCoates - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

AscensionbyTeresaCoates - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

AscensionbyTeresaCoates - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

AscensionbyTeresaCoates - 36 Pieces Rotating

AscensionbyTeresaCoates - 100 Pieces Rotating

AscensionbyTeresaCoates - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis



This lovely block has quite a few pieces. How many blocks would you make? Do you want to know what it's called? Play the game and find out.



Teresa used a Denyse Schmidt pattern, Free-Wheeling Single Girl, to create her Silver Ring quilt. What's unusual about it is the fabric she used for the single silver ring and where she got it.

Watch Teresa and find out where she "purchased" her fabric in Show 2410.

SilverRingbyTeresaCoates - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

SilverRingbyTeresaCoates - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

SilverRingbyTeresaCoates - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

SilverRingbyTeresaCoates - 36 Pieces Rotating

SilverRingbyTeresaCoates - 100 Pieces Rotating

SilverRingbyTeresaCoates - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Wyatt Wolf is made from Cuddle fabrics that are similar to faux fur and suede. You'll want to run your hands all over this quilt. Don't worry, he doesn't bite.

Watch Teresa Coates work with unusual fabrics in Show 2410.

WyattWolfbyTeresaCoates - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

WyattWolfbyTeresaCoates - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

WyattWolfbyTeresaCoates - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

WyattWolfbyTeresaCoates - 36 Pieces Rotating

WyattWolfbyTeresaCoates - 100 Pieces Rotating

WyattWolfbyTeresaCoates - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


This is a beautiful star from Jinny Beyer. Do you think it could be strip pieced? Maybe if you knew the name of the block, you could look it up and find out. Play the game and learn the name.


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