MJ writes about Char #4: "Years ago, an image of a lovely crystal arrived in my mailbox. That little gem not only caught my attention, it grabbed hold of my soul. In doing so, it launched a journey that has enriched my life. May you experience as much joy in viewing them as I have had in creating them."

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Char#4byMJKinman - 32 Pieces Non-Rotating

Char#4byMJKinman - 98 Pieces Non-Rotating

Char#4byMJKinman - 299 Pieces Non-Rotating

Char#4byMJKinman - 32 Pieces Rotating

Char#4byMJKinman - 98 Pieces Rotating

Char#4byMJKinman - 299 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: John Anderson

#1 Patsy N. Burroughs 2019-03-31 17:51
Do love puzzles of quilts, but GEMS are tough! Even trying to paint an accurate picture of a gem is tough so, what Kim does with fabric is really a great representation of Gems. Thanks, doing puzzles is a great way for me to relax.
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