We just liked the name of of Patty's Quilt, Yes Ma'am Damn!, and the story behind it.

Patty Murphy writes in her blog:

Yes Ma’am Damn! won three blue ribbons at the 2006 Georgia State Fair:  one for best piecing, one for best machine quilting, and a blue ribbon because it’s awesome (my words, not those of the judges)!

The quilt was named for my friend. She tells me I was “raised right” because I always say ma’am when responding to her. My friend is in her early sixties, so it seems to me that it’s a polite reply. She is a quilter and got me onto a batik strip piecing kick.  I took all my odds and ends of batik strips and stitched them together, cut the pieces into squares, then triangles, then assembled the parts.

Watch Patty Murphy in Show 2305: Solving Piecing Problems & Deciphering Antique Crib Quilts.

YesMaamDamnbyPattyMurphy - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

YesMaamDamnbyPattyMurphy - 99 Pieces Non-Rotating

YesMaamDamnbyPattyMurphy - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

YesMaamDamnbyPattyMurphy - 35 Pieces Rotating

YesMaamDamnbyPattyMurphy - 99 Pieces Rotating

YesMaamDamnbyPattyMurphy - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis

#2 Patsy 2018-09-07 23:36
Love the colors, and beautiful blending of all to make a great quilt and fun puzzle. Thanks again.
#1 Phyllis Burk 2018-09-07 09:32
Happy day when there is a puzzle. Can never have too many.
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