Melissa writes about her quilt, "I prefer not to show faces on angels so you can focus on their power instead of their personality. In viewing this angel from behind, I wanted to know what it was gazing upon. It became the universe. In the vastness of the universe, the focus narrowed to a pinpoint. This faceless angel became the one that patiently and lovingly stands sentry, guarding, guiding, and watching over me."

Star Members can watch how Melissa makes her quilts in Show 2008: Photo Realism in Fabric.

AngelWatchingOverMebyMelissaSobotka - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

AngelWatchingOverMebyMelissaSobotka - 99 Pieces Non-Rotating

AngelWatchingOverMebyMelissaSobotka - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

AngelWatchingOverMebyMelissaSobotka - 35 Pieces Rotating

AngelWatchingOverMebyMelissaSobotka - 99 Pieces Rotating

AngelWatchingOverMebyMelissaSobotka - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis

#2 Linda Delorme 2017-04-18 10:49
Melissa, I really love the quiet beauty and power of this quilt - the colors and the composition emanate the spirituality held here. Lovely! Thank you.
#1 Patsy Burroughs 2017-04-16 23:10
Took me to moment to visualize the quilt. Love it.
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