Becky Goldsmith's quilt is lovingly called the "Ugly Guild Challenge" quilt.  (Sure wish all my challenge quilts were this "ugly.")

Becky asked her blog readers to send her their ugliest fabric.  She said that she would make a quilt with everything that she received.  She added white to the fabrics she received.  Grouping the fabrics by families (reds, blues, etc.) helped when putting the entire piece together.   She pieced the back with remnants.

Star Members can watch Becky in Show 1704 - Color Challenges and a Quickie Quilt when it debuts on August 17, 2015.

UglyGuildChallengebyBeckyGoldsmith - 36 pieces non-rotating

UglyGuildChallengebyBeckyGoldsmith - 100 pieces non-rotating

UglyGuildChallengebyBeckyGoldsmith - 300 pieces non-rotating

UglyGuildChallengebyBeckyGoldsmith - 100 pieces rotating

UglyGuildChallengebyBeckyGoldsmith - 300 pieces rotating

#1 mammacats 2016-05-06 14:19
This puzzle just goes to prove that there are no truly ugly fabric, only that quilters haven't found the proper pattern design for them yet. This was a great example of the theory of KISS(keep it simply silly) put to great use by a wonderful designer. Nice work Becky, and kudos for a job well done.
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