Since Alex is off to one of Rosalie Dace's classes, we thought we'd share one of Rosalie's quilts, Awake my Soul, as the puzzle for this week.  To see more of Rosalie's quilts on her website, click here.

You can also learn more about Rosalie in Episode 711: Quilting: Where Imagination and Reality Meet: Featuring Rosalie Dace, Jennifer Chiaverini and Michael Cummings.

From Rosalie:

Description: This quilt is one of my series based on the sun and the magic and mystery of our universe. Here I used the image of the sun to reflect the somewhat difficult phase my work had been through. I knew I simply had to get warmth and light back in my creative life.

Dimensions: 106cm x 119cm

Materials: Commercial and hand-dyed cotton, silk, sheers.
Machine pieced, machine and hand appliquéd, machine quilted

Awake My Soul - 36 pieces non-rotating

Awake My Soul - 100 pieces non-rotating

Awake My Soul - 289 pieces non-rotating

Awake My Soul - 100 pieces rotating

Awake My Soul - 289 pieces rotating